Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Burda 9711

My friends Polly and Santino asked a special favor last week. I'm usually pretty greedy with my sewing time, since I don't have a lot of it, and only sew for family, but their sweet little boy Eli is going to be blessed on Sunday, and he needed something special to wear. I'm honored that they thought of me! I really love making baby clothes, and this was no exception. Polly and Santino were looking for something simple, and after we talked a bit about what they wanted, I looked for a few patterns, and they chose Burda 9711. It is such a sweet pattern! We went fabric shopping together and Polly chose a wonderful seersucker to make it. Here is how it turned out! I think it is just perfect!

I also really adore this pattern. It's Burda, so it is well designed. It is not for the beginning seamstress, however. There were a few things that I'll do differently on the next go round.
For one thing,the sleeve could have used some ease stitching. The pattern actually specified to ease in the shoulder seams, which didn't need it, but not the sleeves, which did. Meh. I ended up just pinning a LOT, but next time I'll just ease.
I did ease stitch the hemline, which made it go ever so smoothly, and it turned out very well, unlike my last curved hemline. I did the same with the curves on the pocket and again, success.
The collar went on very nicely. It is bound with a bias strip, which was a much easier way of attaching it than the method I've used before, but does require some visible stitching along the neckline. Fortunately, the pattern calls for some very cute decorative top stitching, both on the collar and around the hem and facings of the shirt. The topstitching is echoed in the hem of the pants, which is just adorable. I like the look of the hem band on this pant. The pattern calls for a contrast fabric for the hem band, (as well as the sleeves, collar, pocket and lower shirt) which we didn't do, but I did still like the detail of the hem band. The pattern instructions call for you to simply stitch on the band and then topstitch the seam allowances toward the shorts, but since the seersucker is a little sheer, I didn't want my seam allowances to show, so I stitched them downward. In retrospect, I think it would have been cleaner to use the band more as a binding and enclose the lower edge of the pant. Next time.
I love the look of the topstitching, even though it is in the same color, I think it really is a nice detail that gives the piece a personal look. I can't wait to make this outfit again!
I really can't wait to see it on Eli!!


  1. Another wonderful creation from your hands. Must touch that hem on pants!!

    BTW, I like the photo in your title and the new background.

  2. I knew I would be able to have a first glance of Eli's blessing outfit here! :) You did an AMAZING job! Katie! I can't wait to see it in person!

  3. Nice job!!
    I like the choice of seersucker for this -- it is less-than-plain (as befits a special occasion outfit), but allows for a simple design and still looks special.

    A word on the Burda instructions: translations are not always flawless. When they said to 'ease in the shoulder seam' they likely meant for you to ease in the sleeve at the shoulder seam.

    It reminds me of Varina's story about knitting alongside the Danish woman she met in an airport -- the lady felt that American knitting instructions were unnecessarily verbose. In Europe, it is assumed that the knitter knows how to construct a heel in a sock, set a sleeve in a sweater,;and when you get to that part of the construction, you will just be instructed to do it. Varina asked her what does one do if one doesn't know how to construct a heel or set-in a sleeve. She said that she would ask her mother, aunt, sister, nun, teacher. . .
    It doesn't work like that in America.