Thursday, May 28, 2009

Slacks - take 2

Poor Mitch gets a bit neglected when it comes to my sewing. I've been trying to give the poor guy equal sewing machine time, but I've run into a snag or two here and there.My first snag was these lovely pants. They are fabulous flat front straight leg pants in a lovely pale beige herringbone fabric that Mitch picked out himself. They feature welted pockets, a fly front and attached waistband. They are fabulous. If only they fit... Also the fly came out a bit wonky, but still!! Also, they took about a week and a half to make. That's lot of sewing time, folks. Here is attempt number 2. Mitch requested that this time I make them with porkchop pockets on the front and patch pockets on the back. Sweet! Much easier than those stupid welts. I spent a great deal of time measuring and tissue fitting to get the size right. I'll let you know on that one when he gets home to try them on. I made a significant number of changes. We needed a sway back adjustment, additional space through the rise as well as a few extra inches in the thighs and leg for comfort.
Here is a closeup of the front. Porkchop pockets as requested and a nice un-wonky fly thanks to Sandra Betzina.
Pending the fitting I will say that this went much smoother the second time around. Only two sewing days in the making, and I really like this pattern. If Mitch likes these he will definitely get some more!

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  1. i am impressed - zippers intimidate the heck out of me! my husband gets very neglected as well...i may have to try out that pattern to make him something fun.