Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MADE me swear...almost

I've been working on my MADE shirtdress today. I got the pattern all together, which wasn't too hard. Obviously, since Myra is only 9 months, I couldn't use Dana's, since it's designed for a three year old, but I took the basic shape and the sloper I use for Myra and sort of winged it. Here's how it came out.

This morning I cut it out, and even had enough shirt left for some bloomers! Woo-hoo! I thought it would be cute to have a button from the shirt right at the neckline, and I still think that, but wish that I had taken the button off and then reattached it, rather than just trying to sew over it. Oops. There is now only half a button. I'm just glad I didn't break a needle!Now, about that swearing... The casing around the neckline is making me very unhappy!! It will NOT lie flat! I think part of that is because, since I don't have a serger, I'm trying to double fold, and that is too much of a size differential between the cut edge and the to be sewn edge. Anyway, it's a complete mess and I give up. No, not on the dress, I love this cute idea! I give up on the casing. I'm going to go back to my old friend bias tape and make a bias tape casing out of this cute purple print, which I also intend to use for the waistband and a cute applique - stick around to see that!

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