Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mostly mending

I had tons of mending to do today and, while that doesn't distinguish this from any other day, I was thinking today how fortunate I am that I have the ability to fix a piece of clothing when needed, and even to change it into something new should mending no longer be an option. Thanks for teaching me to sew, Mom.
Of course, since I really hate mending, I stole a few minutes away from the buttons and hems to make a little outfit for Brody, who is expected to join my brother's family in a few months. He'll be their first child and my first nephew, so I'm excited to sew for him! The pants are McCall's 3665 (but without the butt ruffles - he's a boy!), and the top is a purchased onesie that I appliqued using a coloring page from the 'net as a pattern. Can you tell it is supposed to be a plane?
I also trimmed up a piece of fleece for a blankie. I found this wicked cool motorcycle fleece in the remnant bin at Hobby Lobby even before we knew it was a boy, but I knew it was destined to be for James' son. It is the perfect size to be a crib blanket. No cold cotton sheets for my nephew!

As a point of interest, both the camo fabric for the pants and the motorcycle fleece are made by David Textiles. I find this interesting because my motorcycle-riding ex-Green Beret dad (and therefore Brody's Grandpappy) is named David. See, Kismet. They were clearly meant to be.

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