Friday, May 1, 2009

McCalls 5304

Isn't this a cute pattern? It's fairly simple, too. Too bad it doesn't fit and is a pain to wear. This was one of my earlier attempts during my return to the sewing world. I was so excited about it, since I had managed to get dress, hat and bloomers out of a 1 1/2 yard remnant of the cutest polka dot flannel. It went together easily and the pattern was simple to follow. This pattern was the first time I had used bias tape as a binding, and as you know, a great love was there found. The hat was somewhat labor intensive and since Myra never wears it, a bit of a waste of time and energy. It's cute, though and fits her well. The bloomers are very basic, but easy to do. They also feature a bias tape casing, although a folded over casing might have been easier, since there isn't a ruffle below (which I think is cuter).

The sewing and construction part wasn't the problem. The problem comes with wearing and fit. As you can see on my sweet model, it is basically just a simple wrap dress. Unfortunately, it ties underneath with a ribbon and then snaps on the outer flap. This means that you have no customizability to fit. When you tie the tie end so that it fits, either the snap side is too loose and gaps (like it does in this picture), or it is too tight and continually unsnaps, which is annoying and unattractive.If I ever make this again, and for future wrap styles that I attempt, I will either do snaps on both sides or ties, but not a combination. It just doesn't work. Live, sew and learn.

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