Monday, May 18, 2009

And the winner is...


Thanks to everyone who chimed in here on the blog and on facebook to help me decide the cutest way to close this little jacket. Although I do think that snaps are really more convenient on baby clothes, I suspect that this little jacket won't be closed much, since it is for a Texan to be born in August. Still, there is a lot of A/C in TX in August and having two summer babies here, I found that layers were key. So, here is a cute little layer for Brody.

I started out looking at dark pewter and black buttons, since I liked Lauren's idea of a metallic button, and Mitch suggested black. I even checked out the snaps to see if there was anything that would be cute, but there isn't much snap selection in this one horse town. Then I met this little guy...and I knew that it was meant to be. I just couldn't say no to that sweet little bear face. I think the jacket with bears is a sweet combo of big boy suit and sweet baby boy bears.And now the cute little baby things I've been sewing all week need to be delivered, so we're off to Houston for the week! And I'm leaving the sewing machine here, so I probably won't be around again until next week. Til then - Happy Sewing!


  1. Hello! This is Stephanie from SEW WHAT. I used the same pattern as you used. I LOVED this outfit, The eyelet was just gorgous and I loved the trim. Unfortunatlly Melissa's little girl never wore it! *sob* So glad you stopped by and liked the outfit. I just finished a Giselle dress (enchanted) you should stop by and check it out when I get it up. BTW I love the stuff you do! Those buttons on that jacket are to die for! Very cute.

  2. Those bear buttons are so cute! Great choice!

  3. Very cute choice, I'm sure the baby (and parents) will love it! Have a great trip :-)

  4. The buttons are super cute and such a great way to make it look special. Love it!