Friday, May 8, 2009

Butterick 4222

I sometimes find it hard to find cute things to sew for Logan. It is so easy to think of fun, frilly things to create for Myra. I admit that I often sit up 'o nights contemplating the next dress or outfit. Poor Logan is a bit left out. As a result, he has a closet full of button up shirts and pajamas. I just finished a new set - this time out of cute Elmo flannel. This pattern is very similar to the shirt pattern (which is also a Butterick, so no surprise), so I'm not going to say a lot about that. Suffice it to say, I like it a lot and have used it many times. Here it is out of Curious George flannel.
Logan models his favorite jammies.
I have used the pant pattern so many times that the tissue is wearing out. This was a pre-soil separator paper pattern. Here are a few samples I've done of just the pant.
What I love about this pant pattern is that I can make a pair in less than an hour. They are SOOO simple, and would be great for a beginner, since you get good results fast. There is only one pattern piece, so no side seam to sew, and the waist is just cased elastic. Logan loves these pants too, and constantly requests them. They must be comfy!
As you can see, I try to get creative for my poor boy with trim and color blocking (OK, that was just because I didn't have enough blue fleece, but he loves them!), but it is definitely easier to go crazy sewing for girls!

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