Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Monthly Roundup: June 2014

Whew! June was a crazy whirlwind around here! With the prep for the move, I wasn't sure I'd get much sewing done, but I did manage a fair bit. Of course, with most of my sewing equipment on a big truck wending its way across the United States, it may be a few weeks before I'm back to normal.

In June, I sewed:
1) Sewaholic Gabriola skirt for me
2) Simplicity 4719 blouse for Barbie
3) Teresa copy pants for Barbie
4) McCalls 658 bustier for Barbie
5) Jalie 2105 bodysuit for me
6) Ottobre 04/2004-17 pants for Duncan
7) Daniel Bingham Hostess blouse for Barbie
8) Simplicity 4702 skirt for Barbie
9) Simplicity 5755 maxi dress for Barbie
10) Simplicity 4719 sundress for Barbie
11) Simplicity 4702 top for Barbie
12) Yoga maxi skirt for Barbie
13) Simplicity 8281 maxi dress for Barbie
14) Ottobre 06/2012-13 pants for Logan
15) Kitschy Coo Dolman Top for Logan
16) Kitschy Coo Bustier Dress for me
17) Kitschy Coo Skater Dress for Myra
18) Jalie 2921 top for me

I haven't blogged all of that, so stay tuned for the highlights. A few of those items are still in the pattern testing phase, so I'll show those to you once they've been released. Anyway, that totals 20 garments, but only 13.75 yards. Barbie clothes, even lined ones don't take much yardage. I stuck to mostly simple basic garments this month, since my time was limited, but I really had fun. I didn't buy any new fabric this month, so yay for that! Today we will be closing on our new home, so once things have settled and I have unpacked the stash I may consider adding to it, but the fabric fast has been a good thing, so I will definitely keep it going, on a less restrictive basis. I have some lovely fabrics just waiting to be used. I need to sew them.
Here is my collage for the month. It really was an excellent month! I'm pleased with everything that I made. The kids are wearing their items too, so that makes me happy.
I was also thrilled to be a part of the unveiling of a brand new pattern company - Capital Chic Patterns! I think Sally has put together an incredible line, and I'm confident that we are going to see amazing things from her as she moves forward. I hope that you've taken a moment to look over her pattern offerings. They really are stellar.

For July, I have a new sewing room to settle in to and set up! I hope you all don't mind a "new space" post or two. I'm pretty excited about it. :) I do have a few things left over from last month to share, so it actually may be a little busy here on the blog.

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  1. You always inspire me. :) I'm really excited about the Capitol Chic patterns too. There are a few that would be perfect for my work wardrobe. Thanks for sharing your review!