Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summertime Chic for Barbie

Cropped, slim pants are a look that I love, but just doesn't work for me. Fortunately, it is physically impossible for Barbie to look like her legs are stumpy, so I can make her all the cropped skinnies my heart desires.
And when I saw this print, I knew it had to be pants. I kind of wish I could find this print in human scale. I'd totally make myself some pants out of it.
For a pattern, I deconstructed a pair of dreadful pants that came from a Teresa doll. The fabric Mattel used was an awful plastic-y polyester, and the print was eye searing, but they fit the Fashionista body really well, so they made an excellent pattern.
I added some little vents at the hem, just for the sake of cute. I love this detail on other people, but it never seems to work for me.
For the top, I used Simplicity 4719, which is a knit crop top. I lengthened it to hip length and did an elbow length sleeve, using the finished edge of the lace as both lower edge and sleeve hems. The neckline is just turned and topstitched, but I'm not thrilled with this finish. I think it needs some lace trim.
For under the lace tee, I made a cropped princess seamed bustier. The fabric is a textured knit without much stretch. I tried several different edge finishes, but all added unsightly bulk, so in the end, I left the edges unfinished.
Overall, I'm pleased with this outfit. I think Melodi looks very chic. And thanks so much to my IG friends for helping me name her! You gave me some great ideas for the other girls as well.


  1. Great Photo Shoot!!!!! Makes me want to play with Barbies again!!

  2. Such a fashion forward Barbie! The best part of your Barbie posts are the styling, and posing. Great shots, especially the last one here in the 'come hither' pose.

  3. I love how you have Barbie posing for us in typical blogger fashion (front, back, some interesting arm moves)! Does Myra think this is how you play with Barbies, or does she think it funny?

  4. LOL! I have totally convinced Myra that this is the way Barbies play! Her Barbies are all about daily fashion shows and standing around like bored models. She sews new dresses for them every day. I'm training her well... ;)

  5. Thank you! I love how well Barbie cooperated with my whims. Wish my kids were such good models!

  6. Your Barbi fashion kick delights me in a very weird way. Half of me is like "This is so nuts" but the louder other half is like "I want to sew a couture wardrobe for Barbi's first trip to Paris!"

  7. Really interesting! I love the top! I have a SIS top that needs something under it! That is a great idea. I would totally wear those pants!