Monday, June 23, 2014

Kitschy Coo Dolman Top

This cute boy doesn't ask for much, so when he spotted this fabric and told me he wanted a tee shirt, I didn't argue.
So even though I wanted this fabric for me, I let him choose a pattern and made him a shirt.
He was very specific in his requirements. I was to use the Kitschy Coo Dolman top, and to make his shirt with red bands.
He's very happy with the finished shirt. It is exactly what he wanted.
The print fabric is also from the Kitschy Coo shop. It is a Lillestoff cotton-lycra jersey and is insanely soft. While this print is no longer available, Amanda has many other adorable Lillestoff prints and solids. The red is a rib knit from
One thing I really love about this pattern is that it has so few seams that it is really easy to print match and use directional prints like this one really effectively. I matched the star as a dominant "stripe", so the side seams are hard to spot. And since this pattern is very economical of fabric, I still have some left for me...
Logan was happy to play all day in his new shirt. It was perfect for running, jumping, riding, climbing and splashing in puddles.
It's even awesome upside down.


  1. He has great taste. It's a really cute print.

  2. Upside down with rice crispy treats.

  3. Love this! Great fabric and great little shirt on this cutie.

  4. He has a great sense of style!

  5. Such cute fabric and a nice easy t-shirt... but wow, that boy is gorgeous!