Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ottobre 03/2004-17 toddler dress pants

It's been a while since this cute face has graced the blog. Poor Duncan just happens to have hit the size range where I really sewed a ton for Logan, so he has many hand-me-downs to destroy before I need to sew for him. Even the shirt he's wearing is one I sewed for Logan. You can see it here.
Except in the area of dress pants. Logan is really hard on dress pants for some reason! As a result, the ones that survived to be passed on didn't have much life left in them, and Duncan has finished the job of wearing them out.
So, I pulled out Ottobre 03/2004-17, which I had made for Logan when he was this size, so the pattern was already traced. The version in the magazine has a ton of decorative panels, which I skipped since these are church pants.
The fabric is a wool/poly blend suiting that I've been slowly using up for little boy dress pants. I started out with 3 yards, and am now down to just Barbie sized scraps. Yay for stashbusting!
It does have a real "big-boy" zipper fly, but with elastic throughout the waistband for comfort. I was using supplies from my stash, so the zipper is too light colored, but the fly is nice and deep, so you can't see it when worn. It closes with a snap rather than a button. Easier for all concerned.
The pockets are very low profile, but I did line them with a fun Cars print quilting cotton. Mater sees you!
The only problem is that they are ridiculously too long. My Duncan is not a tall boy. I was thrilled at his last checkup when he finally made it onto the growth curve. Despite taking off nearly an inch in the hemming stages, I still need to shorten them more.
Despite the length, they fit really well in back. The elastic snugs them up nicely back there and the fabric has a nice smooth drape.
He's a whole lost faster when I roll them up! Slow down kid. Mom needs a picture.


  1. Love the unexpected touch of Mater in the pockets!

  2. Very cute, I doubt kids at this age notice whether they've got brand new clothes or not, it's just our mother guilt! Well at least that's what I tell myself when I make my son wear certain hand me downs from his sister!