Saturday, September 1, 2012

Monthly Roundup: August 2012

August was a pretty good sewing month, although my mojo has taken a nose dive over the last few days. We've been kind of crazy around here getting ready for school to start. I'm not sure what impact that will have on my sewing. We'll just have to see...

So this month, I sewed...
1) Stretch & Sew 1260 swimsuit for Myra (a wadder)
2) RTW copy tee for Breanna's dress
3) Vogue 8759 shirt for Mitch (another wadder)
4) Ottobre 03/2011-26 dress for Myra
5) Vogue 1027 dress for me
6) Burdastyle 7936 blouse for me
7) Ottobre 03/2009-36 swimsuit for Myra
8) Vogue 8759 shirt for Mitch
9) Ottobre 06/2011-21 jumper for Myra
10) Ottobre 04/2004-35 tee for Myra
11) Ottobre 02/2005-12 dress for Myra
12) Potholders for a church activity

It definitely wasn't my most productive month, with only 11 garments (2 of them wadders - ugh!) and 3 potholders sewn. I also replaced a couple of zippers and made 2 muslins of Vogue 8601 for my Fall Wardrobe. I sewed up 19 1/4 yards of fabric.

As I mentioned, I haven't been able to really motivate myself to sew for the last several days. I even replaced zippers, which I HATE doing to avoid doing real sewing. I was starting to get really discouraged, when this arrived in the mail.

A new sewing book is always a great mojo jump start for me, and this one is so lovely. Many of the techniques in the book are familiar, particularly as I had the opportunity to take classes with Gretchen at Sewing Summit last year, but it is nice to have all of the material in one place. The book itself is really beautiful, with vintage inspired artwork and photos. And the patterns!! I want to sew them all!!
In fact, the Portrait Blouse is already traced, altered and cut. I chose a houndstooth charmeuse that I've had in stash a while. It will coordinate nicely with my Fall Wardrobe plans, and it is a perfect jump start to my mojo. The other patterns in the book are gorgeous as well, and I can see myself making most of them.

After the Portrait Blouse is finished, I'm going to finalize the fitting changes to my Vogue 8601 blazer and hopefully start cutting wool. I'm just going to lightly tailor this jacket, so it won't be quite as time consuming as my Simplicity 2256 coat jacket. Still, there's no getting around the fact that padstitching isn't fast.I think that may be what is killing my mojo at the moment. I just need to power through it though. I really need that jacket in my closet!! Once the jacket is done, the rest of the wardrobe should move pretty quickly. I'm really looking forward to those pants!

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  1. I haven't touched my machines much at all in August, and yet, today, for the start of Labor Day weekend, I was inspired to make myself 2 summer dresses. Maybe it's because it was sunny and 82 degrees, whereas it's been in the 60s for the last week, or maybe it's a protest against summer ending. either way, it felt good. I hope your jacket begins to feel good to you, so you can get to the rest of the wardrobe. I doubt Myra going to school will cut into your sewing time, because both kids are going to school at the same time, right?