Monday, August 20, 2012

Ottobre 03/2009-38

I really am working on my Fall wardrobe plan. The first muslin of my jacket is done, and only needs a few adjustments, so progress is being made. Still, it is summer and Myra still didn't have a swimsuit that fits well.
Ottobre to the rescue, as usual.
The pattern is from the 03/2009 issue of Ottobre, the "Seahorse" swimsuit. The fabric is more Tactel Jersey from Chez Ami. It really is lovely stuff, and I'm glad I have quite a bit of it. For this suit, I decided to try rubber elastic instead of swim elastic, and I really like it! It was very easy to sew and apply. I also think it is a bit less prone to curling out.
For Myra, I sewed a 98 in length and a 92 in width and it is a very good fit. As you can see, her mobility is excellent. The only change I made to the pattern was to square off the front so that I could sew on a strip of binding across the front and then a continuous strip of binding for the straps and around the armholes and back. Most of my RTW camis are done this way and it is much easier, I think.
I didn't make the tie straps, instead I stitched down the straps in back, angling them in a little so they wouldn't slip off her shoulders. I'm thrilled with the coverage in back. Her little booty is contained! And she's comfortable; nothing needs pulling or tugging back there.
Myra is happy with her new suit, although she did ask me where the ruffles are. Next summer. I'm just glad we have a pattern that fits!


  1. I really like how you used the stripe fabric for the binding/stripes. It's a cute suit!

  2. The leg holes are not as high in this suit as the last one, and that probably helps. Myra looks like she's having a splendid time. I wish we could keep that childhood joy with simple things like a wading pool.

    Enjoy your fall wardrobe. I'm stalled, still in summer (but a chilly and rainy week), but knowing fall is just a couple of weeks away. And since I've had many things to do to help my growing-up kids, my sewing fun has fallen by the wayside. Oh, well, at least I can enjoy your beautiful creations!

  3. Just so cute - super work on whipping this up!

  4. Where are the ruffles? Ha, so cute. Ottobre to the rescue is right. I've made this suit many times.

  5. That's super cute. Much more booty coverage.