Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vogue 8759

Poor Mitch kind of gets the shaft on his birthday every year. His special day is 4 days after Myra, who pretty much eclipses everything, but this year he had the wedding to contend with as well. On the plus side, his parents were in town for the wedding, so he got to celebrate with them.
I finally got around to making him a shirt. The pattern is Vogue 8759, and the fabric is a poly-cotton shirting from I used Pam's Shirt Crisp interfacing in the collar and Pro-Weft in the button bands. I really like this combo and it has become my standard for buttoned shirts.
Mitch likes pockets, so I added an extra one. I also totally goofed up the collar. After carefully trimming the undercollar to ensure a nice turn of cloth with the seam carefully placed to the underside, I managed to attach the collar upside down, so the seam is on top. D'oh!
What I really like about this pattern is the shaping. Mitch has a very athletic figure, with broad shoulders and a small waist, so the typical menswear shirt with a back pleat just billows out around his waist. This shirt has princess-style seaming in back to allow for a closer fit at the waist, which is perfect for Mitch.

He really does need new clothes, but getting him to sit still long enough for measurements proved to be impossible, so I just took a guess and sewed. And I guessed wrong. It is just a we bit too snug - wearable, but  not comfortable. On the plus side, Mitch really likes the shaping, so I'll make it again in the next size up and we should have a winner.


  1. Nice shirt! Men are impossible when it comes to measurements and clothes shopping...or at least mine is!

  2. It certainly looks wonderful on the hanger!!

    I love the fabric -- and the pattern!
    Save it -- It will still be in style when Logan fits into it.

  3. Excellent looking shirt. I like the shaping, too. Too bad about the fit - mine refuses to be accurately measured, too. And then there's the other problem of not agreeing on what a good fit actually looks like!

  4. I love it! And, I must admit a bit guilty - I owe J. a few items as well. Great job on it - and why are men so twitchy when it come to trying on clothes - you'd think we were proposing waterboarding them!

  5. Great Looking shirt! I didn't bother do a review of it because of the "on the shoulder" seam, but it's a simple pattern change to extend the yoke on the next one, if you want to.