Monday, August 27, 2012

Ottobre 02/2005-12

I mentioned in my last post that Myra had already destroyed one of the dresses I made her last month. It was this one, and we both really loved it. She wore it constantly, so I knew it had to be replaced.
I used the same pattern as the pink version, Ottobre 02/2005-12. I did add a bit more fullness to the skirt, although the skirt as drafted in the pattern is nice and full.
For the bodice I used a women's button down shirt that I found at a yard sale for a quarter. It was really lovely, with pintucks and fagotting on the bodice, but much too small for me and stained. It was perfect for this dress. The skirt is quilting cotton from Hobby Lobby, left over from a dress I made for my niece.
Here is the bodice, close up. Isn't that pretty?! I underlined the front only with Imperial Batiste, as the fagotting is open. The placket is stitched closed along the original stitching line.
The back of the shirt was darted and had a shoulder yoke. In order to avoid the darts, I had to cut into the yoke for the bodice back. It was total seredipity that the yoke seam lined up perfectly with the edge of the sleeve. I don't think I could have made that happen if I'd tried!
OK, Mom. I'm really, REALLY ready to go to school! It's almost time and she is so excited!


  1. Perfect little dress for Myra and great use of the blouse. I bet she had a fantastic day at school. Have you of this site- Simple Simon? I found it this morning, wonderful girls dress, cape, skirt patterns.

  2. It's a great use of the blouse! I love all the details on it.:)

    Totally unrelated to this post...I was still having problems commenting again when I had IE as my browser. The comment window would come up but it wouldn't let me type any text. I'm using Google Chrome right now (and obviously commenting isn't an issue!) but wanted to let you know in case any of your other readers are still using IE.

  3. I probably never told you, but my oldest daughter is 4th in line behind 3 brothers. The spring before she went to school, she was very excited one day because in September she would be a big boy and get to go to school. I told her she'd be a big girl, and she cried bitterly. So her brother Patrick spent a whole afternoon showing her his school picture, and naming all the big girls in his class who were his friends, and ultimately made her happy again. It's a good thing Myra only has one older brother going to school! (Today that daughter is a lawyer, so clearly she was not too traumatized by not becoming a "big boy").

  4. It's a good thing that a dress is ruined through too much wear - it shows how well loved it is! My daughter likes to change her outfits so many times during the day that her clothes are rarely worn for more than a few hours, no chance of being worn out!

    And what a brilliant idea to reuse a detailed blouse for the top of the dress - I wish you had posted this last month before I donated a similar blouse of mine that was too fussy for me.....

  5. So cute, Katie! I just love how you re-purposed the blouse!