Friday, July 1, 2011

Monthly Roundup - June 2011

With the move and then subsequent wait for our belongings (which still aren't here yet!!), June was not a particularly productive month, but given the circumstances, I'm just grateful that I've had a chance to sew at all!

This month I made:
1) Jalie 2805 tee for me
2) Vogue 8503 top for me
3) McCalls 5952 jeans for me
4) Emergency pajamas from Ottobre 01/2010 #13 & 22 for Myra
5) McCalls 5929 blouse for me

Total yardage was 10 3/4 of which only 4 3/4 were from stash. My favorite garment by far this month is my white jeans. I absolutely love them! I thought they'd be really impractical, but they really go with everything and so far I haven't managed to seriously stain them.
I try not to get to personal here on my sewing blog, but I've noticed the last few months that I haven't been as happy, both with my sewing and in general. I feel like I may need to make some priority changes and redirections. I'm mentioning this here because I've decided that I need to do more service for others, and my sewing is one area that is really going to be effected. In fact, next month I'm putting a complete moratorium on selfish sewing. As of today, everything that I craft will be for others. This won't be a permanent change, but I think I need the shock to my system and my family definitely needs the clothes! I have a long list of projects the I plan to do for them. Some of them might not be interesting enough to blog about (how many pairs of baby pants do you need to see?) or some may rate just picture posts. I hope you will all bear with me as I follow this journey, or if not, there are a ton of great blogs on the sidebar.


  1. I am so sorry to hear of your sadness. Your comments and posts always make me smile, so I am wishing you a heartfelt "Feel better soon!" Likely that your major move brought lots of stress along with it, so I am sending you positive and sun-shiny vibes, too!

  2. You've had a lot going on lately. Be kind to yourself. May I caution from a place of experience to watch the pendulum swing. We can waffle between all or nothing when what works is often somewhere in the middle. Balance is so important and often hard to find. HUGS

  3. Doing for others always makes me feel good to, hope it's helpful for you. You've had a lot of changes in life lately and it takes time to get use to new places. I don't blame you for wanting to sew for yourself with your cute little figure. I make lots of stuff for my grandkids and thats fun. I for one enjoy seeing little kids stuff. So hope you blog about it anyway.

  4. I think this is a good plan! You make the cutest baby and kiddo things, i don't mind seeing a variety at all! I hope you feel more like yourself soon. I know exactly what you mean. I had to look for a post a wrote a couple of years ago, and while I was searching for it, I was struck by how happy and cheery I seemed in comparison to now. I think even a blogging break is a good idea sometimes, and one I'm contemplating myself. :)

    ps...I was almost stranded in SLC yesterday for a night! Instead, we were stuck in Jackson Hole for a night and then most of the next day in Denver. Are you in SLC yet?d

  5. I agree with everyone else. I am sure as soon as your stuff arrives that will relieve a ton of stress. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  6. Have a hug from one of your blog readers (()). I love seeing baby stuff too so please do share if you feel like it. Your little sweeties are just so cute. I tend to sew what I want to rather than to meet specific needs. Sewing for me is for fun and creativity. I must admit I do get alot of pleasure out of sewing for others too. Can I let you in on a little secret - you are blessing others every day when you share on this blog. We have a busy household and for me it just brightens my day so much when I only have a few minutes to spare to be able to ooh and ahh over what you've made. Thank you :-D

  7. You're too cue. I wish I sewed for myself the way you do, but it will be fun to see what you make for everyone else.

    On the mover fiasco... when we moved back to California from Cincinnati the movers said it would be 2-3 weeks. It ended up being 10 weeks!!! They also misquoted how much the move would cost by $1,800!!! We could either pay or they could keep our stuff. let me tell you that I wish I had sold more in that garage sale we had. There were 100's of pounds of things we did not need if we have known we would be paying almost double the quoted price based on weight.

  8. I would just like to say that I absolutely love the fact that you used the word moratorium. It made my day better (several issues with the dreaded JoAnn fabrics...not a very fun day). =]

  9. I look forward to seeing whatever you create...whether it's for yourself, your family, or a perfect stranger!:)

  10. Do as your heart tells you to and I love reading about whatever you want to write about, because I love following you, not just your sewing, but you.

    I hope you will feel better again soon and will find a way to feel happy again. You deserve it.

  11. moving is SUPER stressful, no matter how crazy-organized you are (which I'm assuming you are, because you're super irritatingly productive!). It's always good to do something different or take a little break, no matter how much you love whatever it is that you're taking a break from, right?

    I personally like to see "just pictures" of baby pants. But then, I'm weird like that. ;-)

  12. Remember that moving is categorized as one of life's biggest stresses....what you're experiencing is totally normal! Here's a cyberhug {{{{{{Katie}}}}}}}} with a lot of tender smiles...... be kind to yourself when you can, & when you feel overwhelmed, or sad, know that this too shall pass.....

    Here's to balance :) Sounds to me like you're doing a great job, even though it may not feel like it at times.

  13. I also immensely enjoy your blog, but please do whatever makes you feel better. I have noticed that some time away from the virtual world is good for me and have stepped up my service at my church. Bad for blogging, but hey... I also love looking at your kiddie clothes, so keep showing them!

  14. Good for you! Doing any kind of service for others brings peace to my life, I'm sure it will be the same for you. My church group actually just sewed a bunch of wheelchair and walker bags and even though they were super easy, it brought a feeling of love to those of us who did it.

    I'm sorry about your moving truck situation. It's hard enough to settle in a new place without having all your stuff with you.

    Your daughters matching shirt is adorable. I bet she wears it all the time!