Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ottobre 01/2010-19 & 13

I'm going to keep it quick today, partly because PJs aren't very complicated, but also because my truck is supposed to come today, and I have a zillion things to do to get ready. But my stuff is coming!!!

So, on to the sewing. Myra is still in dire need of PJs, so here is another set, modified from patterns in the 01/2010 Ottobre.
The pants are the same pattern I used last time, but the top is a long sleeved version of tunic #19.
As you can see, it has a nice A-line shape, and otherwise is very simple. The original had short sleeves, so I lengthened them by using the total length of another set in sleeve in her size and just extending the seams to that length. It worked fine for this.
I also topstitched down the facings around the neckline and front edges. I think this is a more PJ sort of look and it keeps the facings from flopping around. As drafted, the facings for this tunic are quite narrow. Also, how cute are those ducky buttons?? They cost more than the fabric, but they are so adorably perfect, I had to get them.
The most important thing is that she loves them!


Julia said...

Oh my she's grown so much!!!! Of course she loves those pjs! I would love them myself!!!!
I've been so touch and go on blogger lately and I've missed your posts about moving, I guess. Have you moved to a new city? New jobs?

Beth said...

Love the buttons--they were made for that fabric.
Best wishes moving things in.

BConky said...

Good luck with unpacking. Love the pj's and the ducky buttons are perfect.

Marjie said...

Hooray for finally getting your furniture and the other stuff of life! Myra's jammies are adorable, and, of course, so is she. Love the buttons. When she outgrows these jammies, the duckie buttons can migrate to another set, so the cost really didn't matter, right?

Marie said...

Oh, how adorable are those PJs. They would have gone down well here too - my kids love rubber duckies.

Yay on your stuff arriving.

Rachelle said...

Super cute pjs and the buttons just make it! Myra looks adorable as always. I love how you've made the top in a tunic style. Have fun getting all your stuff sorted. I'm so happy you're finally getting it. Now things will feel more like home x

Cindy said...

Super cute pjs! The duckie buttons are perfect for it. I hope the truck arrives today!