Monday, July 18, 2011

Ottobre 06/2008-13 & 01/2010-18

Tired of PJs yet? I promise I'll make something else next. I'm getting tired of them, too.
Here is Myra in her latest set of PJs. Both pieces are from Ottobre, and both are intended to be daywear, but I think the combo of fleece and leopard puts this ensemble squarely in the nighttime only category.
The top is from the 06/2008 issue of Ottobre. Since the print of the fleece has that white area, I wanted a raglan top so as not to break it up over the shoulder.
Here is the line drawing of the original. It's called the "Sweet 'n' Cosy" tunic. I really like the shirred sleeves, but the fleece was just too bulky to shirr well. I'll definitely have to make this again for her with that detail though. It's so cute. I also left off the elastic in the sleeve hems. I tried, but the narrow elastic and the bulky fleece just didn't want to play. Fortunately, the bell sleeves are pretty darn cute without the elastic. I also lengthened the top 1 inch. Those pattern pieces just looked short. I'm glad I did. It's the perfect length. I used my binder to attach the neckline binding, which is black rib knit.
You can see it stretched out just a little bit. It isn't actually this bad - she's holding it up with her arms. The neckline is already a little more of a scoop neck than a crew, which I like. I am also so impressed with how perfectly the binding turned out otherwise. I am so in love with that binder!
I bound the neckline flat, and then seamed the left back raglan seam. Look at how perfectly the binding aligned! Even the stitching is perfectly matched up. I've never, ever managed to do that with binding applied by hand. Something is always slightly off.
The pants are made from design 18 (the Ruusunnuppu leggings) from the 01/2010 issue that you've seen so much lately. I traced these and cut them out before the movers brought our stuff. I really like the cascading pleats on the legs, but fleece was not the ideal medium to showcase them.
Here is how they turned out. As you can see, the loft of the fleece made it difficult to pleat and sew accurately, so some of them don't line up. as PJ bottoms though, they're fine and the scrunch effect at the ankle keeps her nice and warm and keeps them from riding up as she sleeps.
She likes them! She called them "kitty jammies" and spent the evening meowing.

I may be off the radar now for just a little while. I've a few aprons to sew for a church service project and then a baby gift to make, which of course, I can't reveal until it has been gifted. You'll die of the cuteness though. I promise!


BConky said...

Just love the leopard PJ's so darn cute.

Julia said...

You could put this child in a toesack and she would still look cute, but when you dress her up in these cute pjs and other darling outfits you make, OH MY!!!!!!!!!

Uta said...

What a cute kittie! Both pieces are lovely; must revisit my Ottobres!

Marjie said...

The kids will be needing these warmer jammies in their new, colder climate! Meow!

Rachelle said...

Myra has the most adorable pjs out. I loved that she called them kitty jamies. You just see that sweet smile and all the work must be worth it I'm sure. She is such a cutie pie.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Adorable! I love the little pleat detail on the pants. And the binding is mighty impressive!

Shari said...

Her PJs are so cute!