Sunday, May 1, 2011

Monthly Roundup - April 2011

April has been a sewing filled month around here. I think with the move (and the associated packing up of all my sewing - eek!) right around the corner, I've felt an incredible pressure to sew, sew, sew. Maybe I've caught a little spring fever, too. I have so many projects percolating through my brain that I WANT TO SEW, but it's making me scattered and I can't settle on just one to do. I usually practice strict project monogamy and won't start a new project until I've finished the current one, but right now I have 5 different things in various stages of completion. It's making me feel a little scattered.

Anyway, April did turn out to be a reasonably productive month. I made:

1) Vogue 2463 top for me
2) Simplicity 2996 dress for me
3) RTW copy tee for me
4) Simplicity 2526 coat as a dress up dress for Logan
5) Simplicity 2418 top for me
6) Ottobre 06/2008-16 skirt for Myra
7) BWOF 04/2009-118 pants for me
8) McCalls 3668 pants for me
9) RTW copy tee, v neck for me
10) Kwik Sew 3299 tee for Mitch
11) New Look 6641 shorts for Logan

I also made a muslin that was supposed to be wearable, but wasn't of Kwik Sew 2777 for Mitch. The total for the month (counting the "muslin") was 12 garments. I sewed 18 yards, 15.5 of which were from stash! Woo-hoo! I feel like I've done some new things this month. Mitch's shirt muslin had me delving into the intricacies of man-shirt making and I've been trying to get a good pants fit as well. I also tried flatlocking seams on my serger for a running shirt for Mitch. Still a work in progress.  As with the project ADD though, I feel like I'm not really going very deeply into any of these. I  need to pick a topic and see it through, and I just don't particularly feel like that right now.

On the horizon? Who knows??  I have a list of projects I want to tackle, and quite a few I need to finish up. The biggest news is that I ordered my coverstitch machine and it should be here Tuesday!!!
I got the Brother 2340CV from Ken's Sew & Vac. They had a couple of "open stock" models that they were selling at a discount, so I got a great deal and I am so excited!! Several of my projects are just waiting for coverstitching to be finished. I started madly sewing knits after I ordered it, so now I have several tees, tops and shorts in various states of completion, just awaiting the coverstitch.

I'm also participating in the Simplicity zippered skirt SAL on Facebook.
I've been wanting to sew this pattern since it came out, so now I have the motivation. I'm planning (and have already cut out) view C, which is the teal tulip skirt, in the grey pinstripe suiting and view B, on the model, in the linen.

Of course, I have not forgotten my maxi dress plans!
My sister pointed out that several colors in the print are not the best for my complexion, so I got some pink lining, which since the Qiana is semi-sheer, gives the fabric a rosy glow and I think, between that and the cut of the bodice will take care of that issue.

Once I have my pants sloper made, I have at least 2 more pair of pants in the queue. I've been longing for a pair of white trouser jeans. I'm planning to use McCalls 5592, now OOP, which I used to make my first pair of jeans. It has a nice shape and fits me reasonably well right out of the package. After I have my sloper, I'll make it even better! I am also planning to make my 3rd pair of Groovy Bellbottoms from BWOF 11/2009-125, which kbenco made recently for her daughters. So cute! Probably age inappropriate for me, but I've decided not to care. After all, I was barely born when bell bottoms were last in fashion, so I didn't get to wear them then!

There are several more things that I want to sew, but I'm not sure I'll even get all this done before it's time to pack up the machines and head for the Great Salt Lake. Hopefully I can find some focus for May.


  1. I hate that ADD feeling! I try to be a pretty strict project monogamist, too (love that term) but had two on the go this week and it was driving me nuts. And there's about five I really do want to start in on, too....

    Did your area miss the late-90s/early 00s bellbottom revival? I wore nothing but from about 1998 to, um, well, last year. Most were hip-huggers that flared below the knee, but my stylish younger SIL also had an "elephant pants" phase (her phrase) that were flared from the hip. Not to mention the platforms...

  2. WOW what a busy month you had sewing wise!I have that simplicity skirt pattern also but have yet to make it. Can't wait to see your's.

  3. You have gotten so much done, I am jealous but also inspired! Thanks :)

  4. Yay join the coverstitch bandwagon:)

    And wow, you did get a lot done. You must be super organized!!

  5. Ooh, do lots of pictures of the coverstitching up close - I'm still not sure what it is. It looks like a serger, but I thought it was for topstitching on knits. Can't wait to see it in action.

  6. Hi,
    I've had a coverstitch for a couple of years and love it. I find the best results come from using steam a seam to iron up the hem first. You coverstitch from the right side so this makes it much faster and easier. It also stabilizes the knits and just looks nice. I use it on necklines all the time now. If you look at your t-shirts they all use coverstitch to finish necklines. I love it. Hope you love yours too.

  7. Project monogamy - ha ha! For me, that's the only way to go. For some reason I can't do anything when I'm doing more than one thing. Similar with cooking - I get a little mixed up when cooking several things at once. Maybe that's because as moms, we already have so many other concerns zooming around in our brains.

  8. You have sewn a lot of great projects in April! I sewed Simplicity's 2451, View C, it is one of my favorites! I blogged about it here:

    if you are interested. I look forward to seeing how yours comes out, I like the fabric you are using for it!