Thursday, May 5, 2011

A fit...

I may have mentioned a few things this week that I've been looking forward to. Well, yesterday I had the opportunity to go down to Austin with my Mom and sister to have a pant sloper fit! So fun!!
Sorry for the fuzzy picture. I don't think Rina is used to the fussiness of the iPhone camera. Anyway, this is me in my pants muslin, getting the side seams adjusted. I am now the happy owner of a perfectly fit Vogue pant fitting shell!
Rina and mom both had blouses fit.
Rina gets her muslin fit,
while Mom marks in some darts onto her muslin.
Myra and Duncan came along and both were really well behaved. Whew!
So, if you are in the Austin area, don't miss out on a great opportunity to have a garment or two fit! Sonja's fees are incredibly reasonable and she's very good.

ETA: For Carol, and anyone else interested in this service, you can contact Sonja at the Bernina kiosk at Hancock Fabrics. The number is 512-331-0155.

There may be another fit in the near future, depending on how a certain online sewing machine retailer behaves. Remember that I was expecting my coverstitch machine to arrive? Well, it did, but the case is cracked in such a way that it doesn't align with the throat plate. I was so disappointed! I couldn't even look at it, and boxed it back up without taking a picture. I shot off an email, but 36 hours later, haven't heard back. Do you think it's time for me to pitch that fit yet? I have garments waiting!!


  1. What fun! Now you'll have perfectly fitting pants. It's so difficult to do that by yourself.
    Too bad about your machine.

  2. I'm going to be in Austin in do I contact Sonja??

    Your fitting of the pants looks great. That is what I want too.

  3. Yeah! and UGH! Guess which goes with which?

    Now, which pants will you make first?

  4. I am very envious - how wonderful to have an expertly fitted pants pattern!

  5. How fun! And your glee is evident even in the blurry picture. :)

  6. Awesome on the fitting! And how heartbreaking on the machine! I hate stuff like that - good luck with it.