Saturday, April 30, 2011

Help me choose!

As you've probably noticed, I have embarked on the pants fit quest. Leslie pointed me in the direction of a local fitter who will prepare a pants pattern and fit it to you. Wow! Since my mom and sister are coming into town next week, we decided to make a day of it and head down to Austin for slopers all around. This is going to be so fun!!
Here is my dilemma - what pants pattern to use? I want to use this as a base TNT to alter other styles. Here are the ones I'm thinking of.
This is a super basic, slim cut pant pattern. I can't see myself making it as is, but I think the slim cut would allow for a more precise fit.
This one has slightly wider legs and a looser fit all around, but it has a slightly higher waist with double darts both front and back. I love the way the back double darts fit in the vintage McCalls pant I just made and this would be an opportunity to figure out the optimal front dart placement for my figure.
Slightly lower waist and wider leg, with single darts front and back. This one I would make up as is - I just love the shape of the leg - but I'm not sure it would be ideal as a fit garment, since it doesn't have a close fit at all.
No, the irony of selecting an Amazing Fit pattern for this is not lost on me. I love a contour waistband, and it would be useful to have a TNT waistband as well, but is it worth the added complexity? I'm not sure.
Of course, I could also trace off any one of the many fabulous burda magazine pants as well, or would it be more useful to fit a jeans pattern, since they are so closely fitted? What would you choose, if you could only choose one?

ETA: Myrna (who has saved me twice now!) reminded me that Vogue offers a pants fitting shell for just this purpose!
Lucky me that Vogues are on sale at Hancock today and hubby came home early from work so I could go get it without my helpers. The best part - 2 back darts! Perfect!! I admit that the Amazing Fit pant is still tempting, since I'd really like to see how she fits the contour waistband on me. I'll have to contemplate this one further...


  1. Hmm...I don't know. I do love the Vogue, but I'm not sure it's the right one to get fitted.

  2. I like the Simplicity Amazing Fit pattern - been meaning to mess with this one myself since it reminds me (in cut) of my favorite Dockers.

  3. What about the Vogue fitting pattern? From there, you can adapt or draft any pattern.

  4. I'd start with the Amazing Fit pattern only because it looks so classic

  5. I think technically for a sloper you want something fairly close fitted that reaches the natural waist. Then you can add ease, widen legs, and lower the waistband as desired. You could also create a contour waistband from this fairly easily as well, I would think. Perhaps you could get the fitter to mark on the pattern good levels for different amounts of rise you like, etc.

    Unless you're like me and are awfully certain you never want a pair of pants at your waist ever again, thank you ;)

  6. Can you ask the fitter for recommendations?

    I want to find someone who can do that here.

  7. Is it possible the fitter will make you something from scratch? Something very basic?

    If not, I would chose the Amazing Fit, partly because it's got ready made variations. So a sloper based on that would be very flexible right from the start.

  8. Katie - I love the Amazing Fit! I do worry that you have a small little waist and an hourglass figure that could be challenging for fit - I'd like to hear your thoughts on your figure. . . . My only concern is that the amazing fit may not have a small enough waist for you. . .but that looks easiest to fit and make into a permanent pattern to keep going back to. . . Pam

  9. What a great opportunity to have pants fitted for you! To me, fitting pants it's like science and most of the time I just don't get it.
    If I had to choose a pattern for this I would choose the Simplicity Amazing Fit. It looks to me like a pretty average model to be working from.
    Goodluck, and have fun!

  10. What a brilliant opportunity! I love the vogue pattern, but have no idea which would be best for a tnt pattern. I just want the jacket from it!

    Now off on a pattern hunt myself:)