Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ottobre 03/2011-12 - Happy Animals

After making Myra's tunic/dress I decided I wanted to play with my binder a bit more, so I made a couple more lap tees.
One for Myra, refashioned from a shirt of mine, and one for Duncan made of some snuggly interlock from Joann.
And hey, I managed to get the lap going the right way this time! I really like this pattern. It whips up quickly, but looks so cute.
I've noticed that several of Duncan's RTW tees and onesies have chain stitched binding, so I decided to give it try. I like the way it looks, and it feels sturdy. We'll see how it washes and wears. It was a little trickier to get the binder lined up just right. Since it doesn't have the covering threads in the back, you have to make sure that you are catching the back edge of the binding. The binding strips have to be cut pretty precisely. It took me a couple of attempts, and I had to recut binding, but I like the finished effect.
The tee looked slim, and I was worried it would be too small for my round little guy, but it is perfect! Should you be worndering, I sewed a 62. Duncan is 5 months old, 61 cm tall and weighs 15 pounds.
For Myra, I refashioned an old tee of mine and added some red binding to coordinate with the shoes in the screenprint. It's actually a better color match IRL.
I'm a little bit embarrassed that there were only shreds left after cutting up my tee shirt. Did I really wear something as an adult that provided barely enough fabric for a 2 year old? Don't answer that, Mom.
I think my Happy Animals like their new shirts.

In other news, I am currently at work on my Groovy Bellbottoms from BWOF 11/2009-125. I think I've got the fit down - we'll see - and they're all cut out, but I can't decide how I want to topstitch them.
On the right is traditional "Levi gold" jeans topstitching thread. It's the obvious choice, but it is very bright and these bellbottoms already have a lot going on. On the left is a darker rust color thread that is also finer and a little more understated. So, what do you think? Traditional gold for a classic look or slightly more classy and perhaps more wearable rust?


  1. I think I'd go for the slightly darker rust colour. It's beautiful and classy.

    The t-shirt for your little ones look great. And they ofcourse look adorable in them. The fact that you fit into that t-shirt just means you're very petite ;-)

  2. I lke the rust, but I'd maybe try it with a triple stitch for some added visual weight. Or that might be too heavy and get you back to the traditional look... be worth a try though.

    Totally cute shirts (and don't feel bad, toddlers are actually pretty broad compared to an adult or larger child, right?)

    Also, that is one happy adorable baby!

  3. I like the darker top-stitching on the jeans. I think it is a better match with the dark denim.

    The tee-shirts turned out very cute. You are making me want a coverstitch! I'd have to just replace my serger though since I don't have enough room for both. It does produce really nice results.

  4. Adorable tops! (I'd have definitely worn the shoe fetish one, pre re-make, when I was younger.) I just bought a binder for my newish coverstitch. I've only tried to use it once; unfortunately, the fabric got swallowed into the machine and it took me hours to extricate it. Ugh. Your bindings look very RTW! Good job! ~ Peggy

  5. Their t-shirts are cute, but the kids are cuter!!! Great job on the binding. It looks so professional. Can't wait to see you jeans. I like both topstitching options. Why not use both at the same time?

  6. Cute tees and cute kids! Incidentally some of my RTW denim is topstitched with a chain stitch, too.

    I think I lean towards the darker thread, too... Although if you really want to drive yourself nuts you could always do one line of each colour! I've seen it in RTW and it makes for a very high-end look ;)

  7. I vote rust. It's definitely classier.

    Love the t's and the kidlets! :)

  8. I'd go for rust. Love the tees!

  9. Rust - absolutely rust!

    First time here - I really like your blog.

  10. Your kiddos' smiles are contagious! Cute t-shirts. Those bell bottoms are on my to-do list too. I like the rust thread.

  11. Sweet tops. It's obvious you really enjoy sewing for your children. I did, when my daughter was small. The dress in your previous post is divine! Love all that shirring at the waist.

  12. I'd go with the rust. But really, I'm just commenting to say your baby is as cute as a button!! And the shirts are adorable.

  13. The rust is very pretty.

    And Duncan is a darling! He's about the same size that my now 6'5" Jeff was at that age. Just saying! When he's a moose, you'll remember that I warned you, right? Great shirts for your little animals!

  14. I, too, am having so much fun refashioning my older tees into kids clothes. What a great pattern!

  15. what buttons do you plan on using for the bellbottoms? For the denim jacket I just made I went with the darker colour topstitching thread because it better matched the metal buttons I used.

    I love those tshirts, I am so hopeless at sewing knits that I can only dream of making some like yours!

  16. I shan't comment on the tiny, tiny T's you wore in college.
    (s * i * g * h)

    These tuned out adorable!!

    BTW: do you realize that you referred to Duncan as "Logan" in the first paragraph??

    But, I didn't comment on the clothes you used to wear!

  17. Well, now that you fixed the Logan/Duncan SNAFU I mentioned in the previous post, I just look stupid!!

    Keep it up -- I'll talk about some of the things you wore in College. And: I have pictures.

  18. Oh, smiley Duncan is so snuggly - too cute!