Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kwik Sew 3299

I cheated on my bellbottoms, but only long enough to stitch up a long promised running shirt for my sweetie.
I've had this "Dryflex" wicking polyester knit for quite a while, and poor Mitch has waited very patiently for his shirt.
I mean, what was my deal. It takes very little time to whip up a tee shirt, which is all this is. I used Kwik Sew 3299, which I have made for him before. It's a great basic tee pattern, although I will say that it isn't as broad in the shoulders as Mitch is. Last time I made it, he was a medium, but he has subsequently lost a significant amount of weight. Since this is a running shirt, we wanted a close fit, so I made a small. It fits well through the body, but is quite snug in the shoulders as you can see from the rear view.
I'm wondering if the Jalie men's tee pattern has a more athletic fit. I may get it to try out for next time. I have several other lengths of technical knit fabric.
I did get fancy and flatlock all the seams and coverstitch the hems with the looper on the public side. This is similar to the way his RTW running shirts are constructed, although not exactly the same.
Here is the reverse. You can see that the flatlock makes a "ladder" of stitches on the reverse side. I used the three needle coverstitch because I think it has the coolest looper side. This is the part that is so different from his RTW shirts. On those, both sides look like "looper" sides. I suspect there is a special industrial machine that does that. Anyone know?
Although I did spend an hour or so on this shirt, it was but a brief fling from my bellbottoms.
Here is the right front pants with the godet in and topstitched. The pockets aren't stitched down yet, but how cute are they?!? I'm loving the curved belt loop as well. These are so fun! Thanks to everyone for your input about the topstitching thread. I went with the rust, which was the unanimous favorite. I really like how it looks with this denim.


  1. Nice looking shirt. You can bet he'll be asking for more!

  2. I love the flatlocked seams on this great looking t-shirt - they make it look like a really serious sports shirt!

  3. I think you'll like the Jalie fit better. I find thier patterns to be much more fitted like RTW. Can't wait to see the bellbottoms. Brings back this old seventies gal memories.

  4. Yep.
    Industrial machine does the chain on both sides.
    It's called a "double-chain" machine.

    [I made that up.]

  5. Where do you get your fabric for exercise clothes? I'm thinking about making some clothes for the gym. we'll see though. That's pretty specific sewing. Not sure I'm up to it.

  6. I agree with the above commenters - when I first received my serger I looked into this -as I have quite a bit of athletic clothing that want to reproduce - and quite right - an special industrial machine does a double chain - which kinda bums me out - I do love your solution though!!!

  7. Smart running shirt. I like your reverse flatlock detail.
    I adore your topstitched godets, so symmetrical.