Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Look 6641 and My New Toy!!

It came!!  Yay for Ken's Sew & Vac! They were totally great about replacing the coverstitch machine, and it is already here!!
Here it is, along with the other members of the family, except my Singer Touch & Sew. She lives in her table. On the monitor is Belinda's amazing tutorial for pulling the top threads to the back.

Since I've been waiting for her a while, I already had a couple of projects ready to go. Logan wears pretty much nothing but knit shorts and tees shirts, so I stitched up a couple of pairs of easy knit shorts from New Look 6641.
Not too exciting, but needed. Since I am learning this as I go, I decided to try two different stitches, and in two different applications. For both pairs I used the coverstitch to finish the elastic waistband, and to hem.
Here is the three needle/four thread coverstitch on both hem and waistband. The machine purred right through all of those layers of the waistband, including elastic with no difficulty at all.
On the striped pair, I used the two needle/three thread coverstitch. Again, it breezed through without any difficulty. I still have to try out the narrow two needle and the chain stitch. And there is the binder attachment I got... Oh, I love my new toy!! I may be sewing a lot of knits for a bit.


  1. nice!
    that binder attachment could be awesome- think of all the beautiful tshirt necklines you can make :)

  2. Happy, Happy--joy, joy! so glad you got your new machine! Looks like you're already having fun breaking it in! I like mine too. Did you get the double binder? Let me know how you like it. I need to get one as well:)

  3. Yeah!!! Glad it turned out well.

  4. I'm so glad that your new machine has arrived and that you are happy with it. I love my cover stitch machine!

  5. Oh, I'm you got a replacement so quickly and you've sure put it through its paces already.
    I've had mine two years or so and don't think I've tried an elastic waistband yet.

  6. Ooh, look at your setup! A computer in your sewing room! I have to pull stuff up on my iPhone when I'm sewing unless I come downstairs to look it up on the computer. Looks quite professional!