Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kitschy Coo Penny Pinafore: So Nice I Made it Twice!

You've already seen our tunic versions of the new Penny Pinafore pattern. This was my first and second version of the Mini Penny Pinafore. I am so thrilled with this pattern!
Myra is thrilled, too. That girl loves a new dress, and if it's colorful, floral and fun, so much the better.
This pattern takes so little fabric, that I had plenty left over to make another for my niece. You can see the details a little better here. The dress includes princess side panels that are just begging to be color or print blocked!
I used coordinating knits from Girl Charlee. I'm not very good at matching up prints by myself, so I was really grateful that the good folks at Girl Charlee did the hard part for me. The chevrons are the perfect match to this 70s style floral and the color scheme is super fun.
I fussy cut the neck and sleeve bands from the chevron fabric. I wanted the colored chevrons to sit right on the fold so that they would look like triangles. Emma's are lavender (to match her wrap sweater) and Myra's are hot pink, to match her personality (and all of her wardrobe). I love the way the chevrons look like flower petals on the neckband. Such a fun effect!
The skirt is full enough for twirling and dancing, but slim enough to stay put, so it's perfect for my active girl. You can see the close fit in the bodice here, and the side princess panel a little better.
There is only a teeny bit of shaping in the side seam, so stripe (or in this case, chevron) matching is easily done.
The shape is so sleek, it is easy to layer for all seasons. Doesn't Emma's dress look cute with her wrap sweater?
Since I finished sewing the dress, Myra has been wearing it approximately twice a week. I'll definitely be making  many more. And so should you! Head over to Kitschy Coo's shop now and get yours!


wendy said...

This is adorable! I love the two prints together. :)

ladykatza said...

I want to smooshy kiss your daughter in an "OMG SHE'S SO ADORABLE" kinda way. The dress is awesome, I'm glad she went up to a size 12, this will let me make some for Felicity.

Cari Homemaker said...

She's so cute. Love all the poses she's throwing out here. Obviously she loves her new dress.

Katie Deshazer said...

Thanks! I'm usually a big chicken about mixing prints, but these worked out so well!

Katie Deshazer said...

Tee hee! She is kinda adorable. It'll look awesome on Felicity, too!!

Katie Deshazer said...

:) She's such a ham for the camera! It does make it fun to sew for her though.

Katie Deshazer said...

So does love it! She's wearing it today in fact. :)

Katie Deshazer said...

Awesome!! Myra backs all things pink. Especially hot pink!