Friday, October 18, 2013

Emma's Winter SWAP: Outfit #2

The second part of Emma's SWAP also coordinates with the charcoal wool pants from yesterday. She needed more tops than bottoms, so that's what I've been focusing on.
But seriously, when I put this outfit together, I wanted it for myself! The purple wrap sweater is so cute! The pattern is from the 04/2006 issue of Ottobre, style # 19. I made it from a soft rayon/cotton rib knit that has a lovely sheen.
The pattern has some really cute details. The hem edge is finished with a lettuce edge flounce, which is topstitched down. All of the other edges are simple coverstitch hems. My coverstitch machine kept trying to eat this fabric, but I'm glad I fought the good fight. The end result is adorable. The pattern calls for twin needle stitching on the ties, but I decided to use a decorative stretch stitch on my regular sewing machine instead, since both sides will show. I really like the result.
Underneath the wrap sweater is a simple black turtleneck. I made it out of a buttery soft bamboo jersey from FabricMart. It's so silky and lovely.
The pattern (Ottobre 06/2008-19) has a pretty gathered detail at the neckline. This is the smallest size available, and I think the gathered effect is a little skimpy. It's probably more obvious in the larger sizes. It's still pretty though, and a basic black turtleneck is a wardrobe staple every woman needs.

I have one more outfit to add (which will also coordinate with the purple wrap sweater) but it is a super secret project at the moment. But you're gonna love it! I promise.


  1. Another cute outfit! I think Ottobre patterns tend to go for less gathering. It seems to be their thing.

  2. Chuleenan SvetvilasOctober 18, 2013 at 8:10 PM

    Nice job! Emma is going to be one well-dressed gal!

  3. So cute, she is going to be so stylish and cute.

  4. Love it!!! Can you make an adult version? Oh I have to make it myself. Drat. ;)

  5. I often feel like this with DDs outfits - why can't I have clothes like that? (Sometimes I could, just like this outfit could have an adult version - I'm just deep in my own, "grown-up" stlye rut!) I love the pretty wardrobe you're making.

  6. Exactly! My grown up style rut! Maybe I'll start with a wrap sweater and attempt to branch out... ;)

  7. I totally want to make an adult version! But for meeeee!! ;) I think there's an Ottobre woman version of that wrap sweater. I am so tempted.