Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ottobre 06/2010-15 tee shirts

Nature's Fabrics strikes again. When I ordered the pink penguin interlock for Myra and Emma's nightgowns, I spotted this awesome flame like graphic print that I just had to get for the boys.
Now that Duncan has grown into a 98 in Ottobre, there are a ton of patterns that are in both boys' sizes. I love that!
This one is a raglan tee from the 06/2010 issue of Ottobre. Otto intends it as an undershirt, but I like the slim fit and I think the curved raglan seams are too cool to hide.
The flame print fabric is the star. It is really amazing quality - nice and beefy, but still stretchy. I would compare it favorably to the Lillestof that I've sewn. I wanted a nice quality solid black, but none of my stashed jersey was nice enough. I ended up using some Sofia double knit, which is really perfect. It pairs nicely with the jersey. The cuffs and neckband are ribbing from my stash.
To spice up the shirts a little more, I added a bit of topstitching to the raglan seams and topstitched the neckbands. I think it is a nice little touch that gives it a more professional look.
I really love the way the raglan seams follow the shoulder line. It gives the shirt a sleek, fitted look.
Both boys are really happy with their shirts, and I am pretty thrilled that they are still willing to wear matching clothes. I wonder how much longer I'll be able to get away with that?


Jessamy Rose said...

Very cool. Now they just need motorcycle jackets and aviator shades.

Heather Bee said...

I really like this pattern on the boys and the flame fabric is super cool.

Melanie RG said...

these are so super cute! They look like they both adore their new shirts!

Digs said...

Gorgeous tops! I'd love to see Myral join her bros with an identical one of her own. :)