Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Monthly Roundup: September 2014

September was a very productive month for me sewing-wise, but I didn't get much blogging in. In the early part of the month I was pattern testing and keeping things under wraps, then I sewed some basics that I just didn't feel like blogging. How many raglan sleeve nightgowns do you really want to read about anyway? I got out of the groove of taking pictures and writing, and it's been hard to get back. I will though. I have some fun things to show you.

For September, I sewed:
1) LouBee Hosh Pants x3 for Myra
2) Kitschy Coo Dolman Tee for Myra
3) Kitschy Coo Comino Cap top x2 for me
4) Kwik Sew 526 PJ pants for me
5) Plunging neckline dress for Barbie
6) Cole's Creations Neverland Shirt X2 for Myra
7) Ottobre 04/2013-12 tee shirt for Myra
8) Simplicity 4719 tee shirt for Barbie
9) Urban Vita coatdress for Barbie
10) Ottobre 06/2009-36 nightgown X3 for Myra
11) Ottobre 06/2010-15 raglan tee x2 for Duncan and Emma
12) Ottobre 06/2012-13 leggings x3 for Emma
13) Ottobre 04/2014-16 tee shirt for Emma
14) Ottobre 0/2013-12 tee shirt for Emma
15) LouBee Hosh Pants for Duncan

That totals up to 24 garments and 23.5 yards sewn. I made a lot of basics, like PJs and tee shirts. Fall has started to make an appearance and the kids are all in need of basics. I also stocked up on mid-weight knits and stretch bottom weights for some more fall sewing for the kids and for me. I added 40.5 yards of fabric, which puts be at a total for the year of 140.25 yards sewn and 111.5 yards purchased.
It was a fun, colorful month! I got to sew for Myra and for my sweet niece. They both love pink and bright colors. I didn't do much sewing for Barbie and her friends, which I plan to rectify soon.
The most exciting part of my month was the addition of my new sewing machine! She's up and running well, and I've been stitching with her. She's an absolute dream to sew with, and so quiet! I love her so.


  1. A blow it out of the park month!!!

  2. I'm always so amazed by how much you make! I usually make nightgowns
    every spring/summer for Danielle and forgot this year until she reminded
    me. It was later in the season so I only made 4. I have plans to do
    better with winter PJs :)