Friday, September 26, 2014

Cole's Creations Neverland Shirt, the first

You've seen the final version of the Neverland Shirt. This was my first.
Myra likes this one, too.
One of the things that the tester group really worked hard on was getting the collar just right. You can see that this version isn't perfect. I overlapped it a bit too much. It is also the smaller version of the collar.
The testers in the group liked both versions so much, Nicole decided to have both options in the final pattern. I think it was the perfect decision. I love the big bold collar of the other version, but this petite collar is perfectly sweet.
The fabric for this version is a double knit that has very little recovery, so it has a looser fit than the star shirt. I think it looks great with slim pants like these floral Hosh Pants. (Preview: an expanded size range and better fit for the Hosh is currently in testing, as well as a wide leg version that you are going to LOVE!)
The cuffs and collar are a super thin viscose jersey. In retrospect, it isn't the perfect fabric and I wish I had lightly interfaced both collar and cuffs. Particularly the cuffs, as they have a tendency to collapse while Myra is wearing the top.
All in all, this pattern is definitely a winner for us. These two are in constant rotation in Myra's wardrobe, and I know I'll make more. The pattern goes all the way up to size 16!

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