Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ottobre 04/2013-12 Raglan tee: Mermaid style

When I bought this Mermaid fabric from the Kitschy Coo shop, it was for ME. So naturally, here it is on Myra...
Smug, isn't she?
Not really. This is actually the scraps left over from a project I shall soon reveal. Fortunately, there was just enough of this adorable Mermaid fabric for a half sleeve raglan tee. The white is a nice Chez Ami interlock.
The pattern is Ottobre 04/2013-12, which appears in several variations in the magazine. Other than shortening the sleeves, I made no changes to this one. It's a basic raglan with a breast pocket and bound neckline.
The pattern included this cute little ribbon detail at the neckline and I happened to have this perfect pink fish ribbon.
The pocket is just the right size for important things like Princess Twilight Sparkle's magic book. I love that the Mermaid fit perfectly there.
A straight cut raglan could have very easily veered over into "boy clothes", which Myra doesn't tolerate at the moment, but an injection of hot pink, Mermaids and cute ribbons definitely makes this all girl, and Myra loves it.


  1. What a cute smile! She looks so much like her momma in the 2nd pic ;-)
    The mermaid on the pocket is too cute. Love the raglan style.

  2. So cute. I may have to trace that one out myself.

  3. OMG. Insanely jealous! I had 3 male cousins younger than me growing up, and my mom bought me boy shirts and boy pjs so that she could pass them on to my cousins. She would stitch on an applique to make them girly and then take the applique off when she passed them down. INSANELY JEALOUS!

    I agree with Kristin, she looks like you!

  4. So cute. Love those heels!!!

  5. I might not be much help with this one. I used my coverstitch binder so I just cut the binding to the proper width for my binder attachment. I actually didn't even read that part of the directions. *sheepish grin*
    I would think that in order to get that wider look you would want both the wider binding strip and a wider seam allowance to wrap the binding around. (Does that make sense?) I suspect that the three needle stitching in the magazine is done with three needles on a coverstitch machine. I've read that triple needles exist but I've never actually seen one. A twin needle would work great for this. That's what I always used before I got my coverstitch.
    I hope that helps a little!

  6. Thanks for replying! You were helpful after all. Just by typing out my question here I was able to think through my approach -- in the end I did a larger seam-allowance + fold-over with twin needle. I haven't blogged it yet, but it's here: