Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kitschy Coo Trifecta Top: Give me the RAWR shoulder!

Lest you think this Trifecta Top is solely for sleepytime, let me assure you otherwise! While still as comfortable as PJs, this pattern still ticks all the boxes for trendy and stylish.
It seems like every time I'm on Pinterest, I'm seeing another cute tee with shoulder patches - lace, sheer, neon - you name it, somebody is putting it on their shoulders.
The Trifecta Tee has this feature built right in! No alterations needed, Amanda has done the work for you, thankyouverymuch. I decided to make this version of the Trifecta Top out of ponte knit with the feature being the ocelot print shoulder patches.
Since my ponte knit is not very stretchy, I went up a size from my usual Kitschy Coo size 3 and sewed this one in a straight size 4 - no other alterations. And I'm very pleased with the fit.
With the shoulder patches, you get the look of a set in sleeve in front, but the shoulder shape of the raglan in back, which I find a very flattering combo.
Since I wanted a less casual look for this top, I decided to hem it, rather than use the band on the lower edge. As you can see, the finished length for the hemmed version is a bit shorter, just grazing the hip, which I think is just right for an unbanded top.
You may have also noticed that this version features the rounded scoop neck. This is the same neckline that graces the Lady Skater and Penny Pinafore, so if you've sewn either of those you know what a flattering shape it is. I hope I've convinced you already to go get your own Trifecta Top! If not, I still have a few more tricks up my sleeve. And hey, a sale!! Use the code TRIFECTA for 20% off any 2 Kitschy Coo patterns!! Hurry over to the shop! The code only lasts until Sunday.


  1. This one fits your personality so well :) (with the animal prints and all) It looks great!!

  2. Another fabulous make! The shoulder patches are so great. I actually really love the neckline on this one, too! I usually only like v-necks. I can no longer resist this pattern. I'm heading to her shop now.

  3. Love it! The shoulder patches really make the tee go from just another tee to stylish!

  4. I had to have some animal print! ;)