Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Monthly Roundup November '10

So much of my crafting this month has been super secret Christmas crafting that I haven't yet been able to show you, I feel like I don't have much to say.  I have been pretty busy though!

Sewn items have been:
1) Ottobre 03/2010-23 shirt for Logan
2) Butterick 4910 dress with Simplicity 2561 baby corset for Myra
3) Simplicity 3765 pants with matching appliqued onesie as a baby shower gift
4) Simplicity 2526 pants for Myra
5) Surprise #3
6) Surprise #4
7) Surprise #5 & 6
8) Ottobre 03/2004-9 shirt for Myra
9) Surprise #7 & 8
10) Vogue 1099 jacket for me
11) Simplicity 2290 PJ pants for Logan

That adds up to a total of 14 sewn garments, which is pretty much my average.  I suspect that with baby coming this month, I won't manage that again anytime soon.

Knitted items have been:
1) Surprise #1
2) Surprise #2
3) Two pair of baby mittens - one for the Wee Prof and one as a baby shower gift
4) A sweater for Myra, that ended up too small, so I'll be sending to my niece
5) Surprise #9
6) Surprise #10

A total of seven items, and one was a sweater!  Even though it didn't fit, it still was super cute and I'm pleased with how well it turned out.  I learned a lot knitting it.

For next month, I don't intend to plan much.  The Wee Professor is due officially on the 31st, but both of my kids have come at 37 weeks, which will be around the 10th of the month.  I don't think I'll get a whole lot of time for sewing at first.  Good thing I'll still have all that Christmas stuff to blog about!
I did just purchase a big pile of fleece to make some snuggly jammies for Myra and a couple of sleep sacques for the Wee Prof.  It gets really cold in our house at night, particularly in the bedrooms.  Myra has been having a little trouble sleeping on the coldest nights, so I am going to make her a jumpsuit to go over her flannel PJs.  She has cozy blankets, but she kicks them off in the night.  I have already cut out Ottobre 06/2010-13, which hopefully will do the job.
My next SISC project will be #11 - Vogue 8603.  I am making it out of this fabulous heathered brown RPL and fun floral lining, both from Gorgeous Fabrics.  I've really been looking forward to both this fabric and pattern, so I am so excited that this is the one I picked, but I'm definitely not setting any sort of deadline.  It'll happen when it does!


  1. Your production is inspiring. I seem to move at such a slow pace that a monthly round-up would most likely depress me. YEAH you. Can't wait to see all those surprises.

    Vogue 8603 is a wonderful pattern. I've sewn it a few times. Love the princess lines for fitting. One version I made had a slight bit of stretch. It's my favourite. Very comfortable to wear.

    Best wishes for a safe and easy delivery. Early would be lovely so the Wee Prof was home for Christmas. My daughter was born on the 21st. A little further away from the the day would have been nice but we were so thrilled to have her, it has never mattered.

  2. Those fabrics look so snuggly. There will be some lucky kiddos on Christmas day. NYE is a fun birthday to have -- just ask my sister! Everyone's celebrating. :)

  3. Just a quickie hint for your cold little girl. Use your hair dryer to warm her bed--between the sheets--just before she gets into bed. This way she doesn't have to use her body heat to warm the bed, thus taking heat from her body.

  4. Whew! You are too awesome! Good idea on the fleece jammies. My son's room gets super cold and of course he kicks his blankets off... I just found a few pieces of fleece in my stash so I really should make him some pants at least.

  5. Wow, you got so much done! I love my fleece PJs, but the boyfriend says I look like the Michelin Man in them. Luckily, that's ok for the kiddies.

  6. Wow. You are amazing! It's great you are getting so much done before your new baby comes.

  7. You ARE so productive! And good luck with the delivery! I've wanted to buy Vogue 8603 - so I can't wait to I see yours sewn up!

  8. oh mine...You are super amazing, how did you get all these done with your present condition?. Girl I tip my hat, great job

  9. Take a break for some hot chocolate and gingerbread, Mrs. Claus!!

  10. I'm getting so excited for you! :)

  11. OMG, I don't know when you find all the time to do this sewing with kids and all. You are amazing!