Friday, October 1, 2010

Monthly Roundup - September '10

I feel like I'm getting back into my usual groove this month.  This was much aided by my sweet  hubby and my big sewing day!  I completed 12 sewn projects and 2 knitted projects.  They were:

Kitschy Coo Reversible Hoodie for Myra
New Look 6816 pants for me
Ottobre 03/2004-17 pants for Logan
DIY maternity pants for me
Little Red cape for Myra
Vintage Simplicity 9446 maternity top for me
Vogue 8322 blouse for me
Baby Sophisticate cardigan for the new baby
Butterick 4054 dress and pinafore for Myra
New Look 6641 tee for Logan
McCalls 5500 tunic for Logan
Burda 9671 pants for Logan

I can't tell you how I did yardage-wise, as my main computer hard drive is mostly dead.  My Miracle Max is working on it though...  I did a few new things, but mostly in the knitting arena.  I did make a reversible garment, which I actually hadn't done before, and I made a maternity alteration to both pants and blouse.  I did my first hand rolled hem on my silk pants as well.

For October, my first priority is to finish costumes for Mitch and myself.  These will be dual duty for Halloween and the Renaissance Festival.
For myself, I am making McCalls 6141 out of a lavendar satin with violet jacquard inset and gold trim.  It is a little more costume-y than I usually like for my Ren Fest garb, but in my current condition, corsets are a bit out of the question.  This one was easy to alter for maternity!  As you can see, it is already cut out and ready to go.
For Mitch, I am planning to copy this tunic,
out of a dark red homespun with dark gold and red trim.  I've had a hard time dressing Mitch for Ren Fest in the past.  We generally go in November, but in Texas it is still pretty warm, and traditional clothing from the British Isles just doesn't really do Texas weather well.  Hopefully a lightweight tunic and broadcloth breeches will look good, but still keep him cool.

For my SISC, I found it so frustrating to sew for the body I don't currently have, that I handpicked this month.  I will be sewing Vogue 1099.
This was originally part of my summer 6PAC, but I didn't get to it before I got pregnant and started sewing maternity.  Since there isn't much fitting below the bust and the jacket is open, I think it will be perfect as the weather cools off and I need a light layer.  The fabrics are cotton pique and polyester silky, both of which are from Hancock's.

After the jacket, Logan needs a couple of tee shirts and fall/winter weight pants.  Of course, the wee Professor (who is due December 31st, for those who are wondering these things) still needs his cords.  I'm sure I'll find something to keep me occupied...


  1. You are impressive Girlfriend! Very productive! I can't wait to see your renaissance costumes!! I've always buying pieces from Joann's for .99 from Butterick and Mccalls when they come on sale for "some day." Congrats on your progress again and I'm sorry to hear about your main computer troubles. My advice - we love our macintoshs.

  2. Great month - a very impressive output. I'm really looking forward to seeing your Renaissance outfits - the dress you are planning looks like it's going to be really lovely!

  3. Wow, you have been sewing up a storm!

  4. I am really impressed how productive you are.Bravo!Can't wait seeing your Renaissance dress .

  5. Your sewing lists are very inspirational. I'm not nearly as productive as you are, but everytime I see those lists I kick myself in the b*tt and tell myself to get ahead full steam.

    Have fun at your dress-up parties!

    p.s. Cute jacket! Looking forward to see it made.

  6. That's a lotta completed projects! Way to go!!

  7. Congratulations on your pregnancy too. I admire your energy in that you can keep up with everything, I completeley flaked out during my pregnancy, and am still trying to get it all together. What a list! Good luck for December.

  8. Very fun! I love that you are making your husband a costume! I wonder what my hubby would think of that...