Monday, October 4, 2010

McCalls 5500 and New Look 6641

I'm blogging these two together because together they will be worn.  And the tee shirt is boring...
Here is the combo as it will (hopefully) be worn.  We may add a belt, but Logan hasn't been a fan in the past, so that may not happen.  The tunic is McCall's 5500, made of cotton broadcloth from Fabric Mart.  This pattern actually did call for a lining, but I used bias tape here.  Mostly because I didn't want to add an extra layer, as staying cool is an issue, even in November.
The applique is made of some leftover green shiny stuff from this jacket.  I didn't like any of the applique patterns that came with the tunic pattern, so I used an online coloring page to roughly outline a dragon shape.  I think it looks pretty cool.  Logan loves dragons.
The tee shirt is from New Look 6641, which I have used for tees before.  I really only used this pattern to save myself the hassle of adding seam allowances to an Ottobre, but I repented while I was sewing it.  Ottobre patterns are so much better drafted and I HATE 5/8 seam allowances on knits.  I've learned the error of my ways.


  1. Cute! You'll definitely be the best-dressed medieval family. Can't wait to see the whole family dressed up!

    (And I've almost completely sworn off Big4 patterns for the kids, despite owning many, because they really are just poorly drafted compared to Ottobre... or even BWOF/BS. Whazzup with that?)

  2. Awesome dragon! I'm so jealous that you have Halloween costumes in the bag. Conner still doesn't know what he wants to be! I think I'll just pull out the costume patterns and have him pick something.

  3. Alex loves Dragons too. (Brian is delighted that they share that.) The tunic looks fabulous. I can't wait to see it on him!

  4. Katie, what an adorable little outfit, and such a clever applique. Does Logan know how fabulous his Mommy is?

  5. Your children must be the best dressed kids in all their play groups!