Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Burda 9671

Here you have the last piece produced during my big sewing day.
These are Logan's pants, which I made to go with his costume, but was hoping he could also wear as "just pants".  I worried when I was cutting them out that the cuffed, pleated legs would be a little odd for everyday wear, but I actually think they look pretty good.  The shirt he is wearing is the creation of the great Amanda of Kitschy Coo.  It is Logan's absolute favorite shirt.  The pants are made from Burda 9671 out of a piece of black mystery fabric from the remnant bin at Hancock's.  I think it is a poly/rayon "linen look".  I did make some alterations to the pattern, both for ease of sewing and wear.  The pants are designed with a fly front with elasticated back waistband.  Since zippers were not around in medieval times (and Logan has trouble with them at potty time) I opted for an elastic casing.  (I know, elastic wasn't around then either - whatever.  Potty time convenience takes precedence over historical accuracy.) Without the fly, they were quite a quick sew even with the buttoned bands at the hem.
Here you can (sort of) see the pleats and bands.  The pants are pleated on either side of the side seam into a functioning buttoned band.  Logan wore his pants to preschool today, and declared that he likes them.
They are not only appropriate for medieval princes, but also for rock star wannabes.


  1. I'm surprised you were able to get these photos. You have an active little fellow on your hands. He is adorable. I love those pants. I like the idea of the no real zipper. I'm afraid that my sil and daughter think that zippers are necessary. Why?

  2. You are simply awesome - BTW, I think that car fabric on Logan's shirt is cut out of Japanese Echino fabric - here's the link to browse this fantastic fabric . .

    Great outfit BTW! You've done a fantastic job!

  3. Great pics, and great pants! He looks really happy with his new medieval clothes.

  4. I just discovered your blog on PatternReview. Lucky you to have a professional dressform! Congratulations! I was wondering if you ever tried Vogue 8323 with your neck alteration, and if so, did it work out as planned? I'm sitting here with the pattern and would appreciate your thoughts!

  5. KathleenB
    I hope you are checking back! To answer your question about V8323, I did take a little wedge out of the back neck. I've worn it many times since then and the alteration worked well. I took a picture of the alteration and posted it to the blog post about that top.

  6. Those are really cute and he looks thrilled with them. I'd say they will definitely work for everyday wear.