Saturday, May 22, 2010

MMM, Day (and night) 21

Today I actually didn't have anything planned, but I finished this top and really wanted to wear it with this skirt!  The top is Butterick 3344, and the skirt is a half circle wrap, refashioned from Butterick 4790.  I've worn it before (on Day 4), but I definitely prefer it with this top!
I've been dreadful about documenting my kiddos as they wear their me made gear.  At least one of them is me made pretty much every day, I just haven't been taking pictures.  Last night they were so cute in their me made PJs, I had to get a shot of them!  Myra is wearing New Look 6638 and Logan is wearing both top and bottom from New Look 6641, which I have used a half dozen times at least!  Myra doesn't always wear me made PJs as she has quite a few hand me downs from Logan, but all of Logan's are made by me!  Mostly from this pattern and Butterick 4222, which I have also made easily a half dozen times.


  1. They look so cute in their PJs! I love the ducky fabric you have used.

  2. You get the cutest fabrics! Love their PJs!