Friday, July 17, 2009

Once I was a Whirl-Away

Yes, you've met this dress before. I really love the IDEA of this dress. It is cute and easy to make. I added nursing openings and they worked great. Unfortunately, even after much tweaking and adjusting, I just couldn't get the shoulders and upper chest to fit. The armholes were too wide and sagged. The underskirt was too short and the overskirt too long. All in all, it wasn't wearable. It has been sitting on the floor of my sewing closet for months making me grumpy.
But I was inspired by clevergirl's awesome remake of her 4790. So, now it is a fun wrap skirt!! I took off 4 inches from the top, which lengthened the waistline to the point that it wraps around me twice. I added a waistband per the instructions in Sew What! Skirts. The waistband fabric was salvaged from the too short underskirt. There was just enough to match plaids and go around me thrice. Perfect!
An added bonus - this fabric was too sheer to wear without a slip (I hate slips!!), but now that it is double layered, it is fine.


  1. I love the trim that you used on this. I wish that the dress fit better. Do you have a dress form, or someone to help fit it to you. That is what Melissa and I do when we are making stuff for ourself. (which is very rare! *smile*) Yeah I have been sewing quite a bit....I think my hubby and kids are going to toss my little machine out the window! :) You should check back tomorrow, we made some really cute infant dress shirts. I am so excited how they turned out.

  2. Wow, great remake! I need to work on making myself more clothes!

  3. Just curious, why do you hate slips so much?

    1. I find them inconvenient. Half slips add bulk at the waist and are frequently not quite the perfect length and can be too full for fitted skirts. I'd much rather add a lining to a garment than wear an additional piece.