Sunday, February 14, 2010

Be our Valentine?

We got to wear our Valentine clothes today!!  Here is the only picture I managed to get where you can see both kiddos!
Oma made their sweet little shirts.
Myra is also wearing her Herrta skirt and seems very happy with it!  Big time twirling today!!
Logan was excited to have pants with enough pockets for a good selection of cars.  His are the Teku pants.  I tried to convince him to wear his black and red Crocs, but he wanted blue.  I guess I should just count my blessings that he liked his Valentine outfit and deigned to wear it...
I had a new outfit, too.  I wore New Look 6816 with my new black skirt, made from McCall's 3830.  I'll blog in more detail about the skirt tomorrow.  Mitch even wore some slacks that I made  him, so my whole family was dressed, at least in part, by me today!  I love that!


  1. Everyone looks very festive and spiffy! Nice work. I always feel inordinately proud when we all are wearing Beangirl-made clothes. Haven't branched out to my husband's yet tho. Love that top, btw.

  2. You all look great! I love holiday wear!!!

  3. Adorable! (as usual) - Congratulations on the Valentine's Day fashion show:)

    You ARE an inspiration!

  4. Too bad you didn't get a family portrait!!
    Everyone looks great in their Valentine outfits.
    You are so good for making Mitch his clothes. I have absolutely no desire to sew for any of my guys!!!!!!!!!! Why would I when I have so much fun sewing for me?????
    Looks like we might have ANOTHER snow day tomorrow. I have neary finished a second pair of jeans - should finish them in the morning.

  5. What a wonderful family! Your children are adorable and are very lucky to have such a smart and creative mom!