Friday, December 11, 2009

Ottobre 04/2004-35

Poor Logan hasn't had much representation in the sewing room of late, but he really needs some warm weather gear, so I started off with a couple of quick long sleeve tees to get his winter wardrobe going.

Pardon the yoghurt stains on the black tee.  He wore it before I could get a picture - before I even hemmed it,  in fact.

I think he likes it.  The applique design is based on an illustration from one of his favorite books, I Love Trucks.  I let him pick which truck to put on his shirt.  I think that this one will get a lot of wear.  I managed to stretch out the neckline while sewing it.  I've been having a lot of trouble with binding knits lately!  It recovered well during the day, though, so I think it will be fine.  I did think the neckline was a bit large, so I raised it on the green stripe shirt.

While I was working on these shirts, tragedy struck in my sewing room.  I hauled out all of my tracing materials to get this pattern ready.  As I unrolled my soil separator paper (which is what I use to trace patterns), I came to the end of the roll!  I knew it was coming soon, but I thought I had a few yards left.  Oh well - off to Lowe's to get some more - only to discover that Lowe's no longer carries it!!!  In fact, the isn't any available in this whole freaking town!!  Oh no!!  So, I'm going to have to order some off the internet, which means waiting for shipping during the Christmas season.  Which means I won't be able to trace off any patterns in the interim.  So, if there isn't much going on here, you know why...


  1. Those are nice little tshirts. I make t's for myself-have for many years. I "whack and stack", meaning I cut a bunch at once and sew them when I have a few minutes. Oh boo--no soil seperator at Lowes? That was a good seller. This is not good. Please post where you find some.

  2. Katie: I've got some. Call.

    Love the green print. Is it from Hancock's too?

  3. Katie, when in a pinch get some exam table paper to tide you over. You can't pin it together for fitting the way you can with soil separator but it's really nice for tracing. (I only use that and oddly enough the exact same thing happened to me on Wednesday night. I'm glad I read this post this morning because it's reminded me to go out. I have the day off which means I can stop in and pick up the new roll during business hours-- because if I wait for that roll to make it's way home to me from the office, I'll be waiting for the next month, I promise you. LOL)

    I'm in long-sleeve t-shirt production mode this week too. We have parallel lives, missy. Ooooo. Scary. (Actually, you should probably be scared, I don't think you want my parallel life!). :-)

  4. Beangirl beat me, I though examination table paper as soon as I read your sewing upset too. I am glad it wasn't a worse tragedy, my sewing upsets usually involve scissor damage in a vital position at the end stages of a garment.
    I love the truck. I am not surprised that it went straight on the boy - did he want to wear it to bed too?

  5. If his big smile is any indication, I'd say, yep, he loves it. I do too!

  6. Oh no! Running out of pattern paper is a tragedy. In between times I've found large sheets of tissue paper at CVS (Hallmark brand, wrapped in yellow, on a shelf below the smaller sheets that are wrapped in plastic with a hole in the packing for hanging on a rod) for 99 cents per pack that are an OK substitute.

    Cute shirts!

  7. The shirts are adorable and it looks like he loves them!! You did a very nice job with the truck!
    Good luck finding some paper so you can keep sewing! Maybe you could go back and remake some favorites??

  8. Don't know if you have discovered this yet, but the site you reference in your post about tracing says they will be discontinuing it at the end of the year.