Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ottobre 03/2004-9 x2

And so the tee shirt extravaganza continues...  Seriously, I really want a serger right now!  All these tee shirts would have just flown together.  I think I'm coming to the end of my patience with them though.  I'm ready to sew something interesting.  The timing is good, since my Jalie Stretch Jeans pattern arrived yesterday and Beth let me borrow some soil separator to trace them.  They're already cut out...  But I have to finish the tee shirts first!!  I saved these little cuties for the last, since they are the most detailed and therefore more likely to hold my interest.  These are also the last few things from my November sewing goals.  Whew!  It's only half way through December, so I don't think that's half bad.

I love the little crossover front.  It makes it super easy to get over Myra's giant head.  I realize now that I crossed over the front bodice in the direction opposite Ottobre's, but I like it this way.

Cute!  Her jeans are RTW, but I'm pretty sure I can copy them with the Jalie stretch jean pattern.  I love the ruffled hem!!

This post shall also serve as a reminder to myself to never ever ever buy jersey at Hobby Lobby again.  Seriously, it is the worst quality ever.  I know this, and yet, I buy more.  Their prints are so freaking cute.

But they are never on grain on the bolt.  Look at how far off this one was!!!  Good thing I was making a shirt for Myra and didn't need the length.  Also, they are thin and roll like crazy.  And wrinkle!!  Why is the jersey wrinkled???  OK, rant done.  No more Hobby Lobby jersey.  But I still have to sew up what is living in my stash...

As a tracing paper update, Mitch did manage to acquire a roll of exam table paper from his clinic for me.  If he hadn't I was ready to hit CVS for some tissue paper.  The exam paper is quite good!  I traced a pinafore for Myra and it worked well.  It is sheer enough to see through when tracing, but sturdy enough that the Sharpie I was using didn't bleed through to the magazine underneath.  Since it doesn't drape at all, I don't think I'll use it much when I need to make fit adjustments, but it will be perfect for sewing for the kids.  Have you ever tried to tissue fit a 3 year old boy?  Hah!  Fed Ex assures me that my soil separator (which I ordered from True Value hardware) is in Arizona and should be here soon, so I'll be back to my old tricks soon enough!


  1. 1) I love that t-shirt pattern and I'm going to have to upgrade it for my kids. That is totally wicked! (to quote The Incredibles)

    2) Hobby Lobby is EVIL. Pure evil. Not only are their jerseys totally adorable (so as to entice you to purchase them completely against your will) and not only are they off-grain and curl all over the place, but they also do not hold up to more than about three washes! ARGH. I wave my fist in anger at you Hobby Lobby!!

    3) Sorry. I was just at Hobby Lobby last week and I couldn't resist the temptations of the print jersey long enough to escape without buying a yard.

  2. Adorable toddler and t shirts.

  3. i love the pink wrap top! it's too adorable :)

  4. Your little girl is so darn cute!!!

  5. Very cute tops, especially modelled. :)