Sunday, October 4, 2009

Updates and such...

My part of the wedding dress is done and it has been handed off to greater skilled hands then mine to complete the finishing touches. I took no pictures of the final fitting, but rest assured, it is lovely. I'll post plenty of pics of the wedding.

I also have had a bit of a derailing of my great plans for sewing this month. Dan and Kali have asked if Logan and Myra would be ring bearer and flower girl. How fun! So I have a few things to make to get ready for that!! The groomsmen are wearing black suits and deep red ties. I am about halfway finished with Logan's linen Otto pants,
so if that pattern works well, I will pick up some black suiting and make them again. I can't see Logan putting up with a suit coat, so I'm not sure I'll do that, and I may just purchase the white shirt and tie - time constraints being what they are.
For Myra I have some satin and organza left over from Kali's gown. I think that I shall use Simplicity 5695, view F.
I won't do the little flowers on the bodice and I'll add a bow at the back waistline to mimic Kali's. I'm on the fence about shaping the overskirt like Kali's. I'm not sure it would look quite right gathered. It is a quick sew and I am confident that I can get it done before the wedding in 2 weeks. I'll probably make this before Logan's black slacks though. If worse comes to worse, I can always buy black pants!

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