Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Monthly roundup

I am taking a page out of Sarah's book for this one. I have decided that it will help me to review monthly what has come from my sewing room and then make some goals for the next month. In doing this, I do have a few overarching goals. Mostly, I'd like to make sure that my sewing is fulfilling a purpose and that I am not making a bunch of orphan items that I or my family is unlikely to wear. So, if this bores you, feel free to stop reading and click somewhere else. There are a ton of cool blogs on my side bar.

For those who are still here, September has been a very unusual month for me sewing-wise. It isn't every day that I endeavor to make a wedding dress. The components of the dress have been the major product of my sewing room this month - and it isn't even done yet!

I have completed:
- A petticoat for the wedding dress
- A veil, also for the wedding dress
- A tote bag for Logan's Joy School
- A backpack for Logan
- A couple of pirate costumes in their entirety
- A Mini Mod dress for Myra

For October, I am focusing on finishing the sewing for the wedding, and then beginning fall sewing in earnest. My goals for this month are:
1. Finish Kali's wedding ensemble: We are planning the final fitting and sewing this weekend!
2. Simplicity 3775 in a red and white floral knit from Fashion Fabrics club. I've already completed the bodice, so I am off to a good start. I am hoping to get this done in time to wear it to the wedding...
3. Dress pants and shirt for Logan from Ottobre 04/2004.
The pants will be repurposed from some linen slacks that Mitch has worn out, but still have plenty of usable fabric for a small tot! The shirt will be from a soccer ball print that he picked out. I'd love it if I could get the pants done in time for the wedding, but that may be a stretch.

4. PJ's from Logan's TNT PJ pattern, Butterick 4222. He selected this fabric himself as well. Anyone see a theme here?
5. This is the skirt that I am working on for my sewing group. I suspect that I will finish it when we meet next week. We'll see.
6. My skirt needs a top! I'm planning to make BWOF 08/2009-114 out of this cream sweater knit. It will be my next sewing group project, so it probably won't get finished this month.
7. Finally, my personal piece de resistance - I have been completely inspired by the Chanel SAL, and am now lusting for a Chanel inspired jacket of my own. I am planning to make it from New Look 6853. I don't have the sewing guns to do the couture techniques whole hog, but I am planning to underline and hand sew the trim. The sleeves are one piece, which will make this a little easier for me. This will be my first lined jacket. I am NOT expecting this to be finished by the end of the month.
8. I have also been thinking about giving jeans a try, once the jacket is done. I went shopping for jeans last week and noticed that trouser styles seem to be all that are on the shelves. That is fine with me! I have avoided sewing jeans for myself because I can't replicate the distressing that RTW jeans get, but these aren't supposed to be distressed. This pattern has very good reviews on PR, so I think it will make a good jumping off point.
Whew! That looks like a lot! We'll see how this goes...

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  1. okay and I are on the same wavelength at times. The fabric that you have picked out.. is what I made my mom's shirt out of!!!! This is crazy!!!! I love the fabric and it was great to sew with :)