Thursday, July 23, 2009

Entrepreneurial ventures

I know I mentioned briefly that I had opened an Etsy account to sell some patterns, and I am excited to report that I just had my first sale! Yay! It is kind of exciting and has gotten me thinking more about the possibility of sewing some simple things for the shop. It's still in the thinking stage, but I found myself at Target today looking in the baby department and thinking how easily I could make cuter and better made kiddo clothes. OK, maybe not THAT easily. I'm still thinking about it.

But, while my entrepreneurial zest hasn't yet fully been kindled, my sister has gone and set herself up an online Mark Cosmetics shop! Go check it out! I have been reading a lot about this line but hadn't explored it myself, so here was my excuse to place an order this morning!
And while you are shopping online, be sure to hit Kitschy Coo's blog for info about an enormous sale that she is having on the cutest kids clothes ever. Hey, you can't buy them from me yet...

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