Friday, July 3, 2009

Project planning

I sew for many reasons, but one is to fill needs in the wardrobes of my family and myself. To that end, I plan out projects based on those needs. Here is my problem. I make lists. I write down ideas. But invariably some new pattern or beautiful fabric catches my eye and demands to be sewn RIGHT NOW, with no concern for need. It can be frustrating. So, I've decided in order to help myself remain accountable for my sewing, I am going to publish my list here. Maybe y'all can help me escape the lure of the new and exciting.

Here is what I'm working on right now. Mitch has a desperate need for nice pants that he can wear to work. He is difficult to fit, so handmade is the best option. I have only recently been successful making pants for him, so this is my TNT pant pattern for him, in a nice lightweight poly suiting. He picked the fabric... It is nice, though and will stand up to the abuse that he gives his clothes.
Next I have a combo for my boys. Mitch also needs tee shirts. He has worn multiple holes through an closetful. So, when I saw this adorable father and son pattern, well, it was clearly meant to be. Both boys will has the body of the tee from the black jersey. Logan gets sleeves from the cute print while Mitch's will be plain grey. I also plan to make the awesome Ottobre pants from the print, with black trim.
And of course, the freaking cute shorts! The body of the shorts will be from the floral print with the leg cuffs of the woven polka dot (on the right). The knit polka dot (on the left) will be a tee shirt (The line drawing for that is on the left in the picture.) with lime green binding. I am going to try FOE for the binding.
And last on my current to do list is a skirt from Sew What ! Skirts. It is a basic A-line with a drawstring. I love this fabric and I think it'll be super cute.
I am also working on my Pay It Forward gifts. I can't tell you about them! They're surprises!

I am going to try to stay on track with these. I'll let you know how it goes. Fortunately, I am pretty jazzed about all of these projects. But then, my June Burda WOF just came...

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  1. ummm sounds a little like me. I sew to meet the needs of my family, but every now and then temptation rises and I just can't help myself. I can't wait to see how the pants turn out. The rest of the stuff too, but you normally don't see people blogging boy/men clothes that they have made. Make it work! *smile*