Sunday, July 19, 2009

I couldn't help myself!

After making Mitch's shirt and staring for days at that retina numbing color, I decided I really needed a here it is. I had 3 1/2 yards of fabric left after making his shirt, so I thought I'd make the Yard Sale skirt from Weekend Sewing, but neglected to recalculate fabric needs for the fact that it was a border print and I added six inches to the length to take it to the ankles. After cutting the first two panels I realized that there was no way I was going to get six, so I just made a basic elastic waist skirt with the four panels that I did get. I decided to make it interesting and make two skinny and two fat panels. I also gave french seams a try. The Yard Sale skirt pattern calls for them, so I just followed those instructions.
Nice, eh? There isn't an exposed raw edge anywhere in the whole skirt. It is very pretty, and it wasn't all that much more work, since there are only 4 seams on this skirt. A lot of pressing was involved, though!
When all is said and done, I LOVE IT, crazy wild pattern and all.

The only problem is - What in the world do I wear with it??? Coconut bras are out of the question! I think I am going to need something new. What should I make?


  1. You also need a lei and a trip to Hawaii! :) Nice job on the shirt and skirt! You'll make a stunning couple!

    I love your blog and all the wonderful things you've sewn! I don't remember how I found you, but I'm glad I did. I'm just getting back into sewing, after having sewn for years when my kids were little. (I did make hubby a 3-piece suit once, too! Aargh... never again! It turned out nice, but took far too many hours!) Now I do all the sewing for my daughter's Etsy shop, and I've been having a lot of fun with it.

    Happy sewing!

  2. There was pressing??
    I never press French seams.

    I recently learned a new method for making French seams where the first two steps are done on the serger in one step.
    Much faster, a more secure seam for sheers, and it came out super-skinny!

    There was no pressing!

  3. I love this skirt. Personally I would pair it with a blue tank top or a really pretty blue t-shirt. A peasant blouse would look nice as long as you fit it around the waist. Lots of options. Really great fabric though and a really good idea.