Friday, July 24, 2009

Awesome pants!

I finally got around to the last item on my sewing plan from earlier this month. Here are Logan's "awesome pants" from Ottobre.
I love all of the details! The pockets are really cool. It is hard to tell from the picture, but besides being bound on the edge - nice! - the pocket bag itself is actually topstitched to the wrong side of the pant front. It looked a little complicated, but wasn't and turned out really cool, especially since I used a print. It looks like I have mad pattern matching skills, when really it is all one piece. Sweet. I did have a little trouble with the waistband, but it was my own dinginess, and no fault of the pattern. Despite my issues, they turned out pretty well and Logan really likes them.
Here you can see the contrast strip up the side as well. Such great details in these simple knit comfy pants. I love Ottobre!
Logan loves the pockets. Every boy needs a place for "stuff".

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  1. Logan's outfit is perfect. The pants pattenr is one of my favorite Otto patterns.