Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fun for the fourth

We had great fun celebrating the Fourth of July yesterday! We went to a picnic with our church group and it was amazing! The kids were the cutest in their outfits. Here they are before the heat and good food had a chance to wilt their clothes.Logan LOVES his helicopter shirt. Here he is sticking out his chest to show everyone his 'copter. He kept doing it all evening. It warms my heart to make something for him that he loves so much.
Here was my project for the Fourth. It was only sort of a spur of the moment thing - really, I'm sticking to the planned projects here! Sort of. It started out with me drafting my Sew What! Skirts pattern. I was planning to make the simplest of the skirts (a drawstring A-line) to give myself plenty of oopsie room. So, I drafted out the pattern. I have to take a moment to gush about how great this book is. Drafting the pattern was really easy. The method that they use is explained well and there are great diagrams along the way if you get stuck. Once the pattern was drafted it was very clear that I didn't have enough of the cute blue fabric I was planning to use to make this particular skirt. (It will be making an appearance later as a straight skirt - Fear not!) I hit my stash and found this cute bias printed check with cherries and thought, "Awesome, it's red, white and blue and perfect for a picnic. I wonder if I can finish it in time to wear it to the party?" Myra was considerate enough to sleep all morning, and I have Beth's serger, so between those two factors, I had a new skirt to wear to the picnic!! Yay!
It fits well, but then it is just a drawstring, so fit wasn't a big issue.
I have to say again, I love this book! The skirt went together so easily. Drafting the pattern was a snap, and the book is full of cute little embellishment ideas to make projects fun and unique. If you don't have this book already, go check it out!

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  1. What cute outfits you have done for the 4th. I love the pattern that you used.