Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birthday planning

August is an utterly ridiculous month around here. Starting at the end of July we have a birthday marathon. My mom, both kids, hubby and my sister, all within about 35 days. And somehow, it always sneaks up on me! Mom has already passed. I sent her this cool pattern. I can't wait too see how it comes together! Myra is next up. I've had a few thoughts about what to make for her, but between my sewing and hand me downs from friends she has WAAAY too many clothes, so I think I'll be going on a sewing hiatus for Myra for a while! After that is Mitch, but that will just have to be a surprise... Rina comes next. She reads my blog, so no spoilers for her, either.
Then we have Logan. Between his summer growth spurt and how rough and tumble he is, he actually does need some tees and pants/shorts. He could particularly use some nicer bottoms that would be church appropriate. So far, here is what I have -
These pants are from Ottobre 02/2005. Aren't they cute? I'm planning the body in the striped poplin with knee patches in the blue twill. That blue twill may earn it's own blog post soon. I think this will be the 4th project I've used it in!
Boys always need tee shirts. I ordered this one and this one from Kitschy Coo, and I am going to make this Ottobre (also from 02/2005) with the body in the stripe and sleeves and bands in the solid blue. I'm also thinking he needs some red twill shorts, but haven't decided which pattern to make. So many good options!

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