Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cutest outfit ever!!

The ensemble is complete now with the tee to match the freaking cute shorts. This pattern is also from the 03-08 issue of Ottobre. (Thanks for reminding me to mention it, Beth!!) It is called the "Puffis" tee.I love this tee shirt pattern! So many cute little details. It isn't the easiest tee I've ever made, but not the most difficult either and the pattern is excellent. I love the little gathered detail at the neckline. I also really like how well the FOE worked for the binding. So fun and it looks great. I will definitely be doing that again!
So, here is a front view.
From the back. You can see the little keyhole in the tee that makes getting it over big baby heads easier. It closes with a teeny snap. This is really well designed!
And an extra picture, just for cuteness.


  1. Okay, this is beyond adorable!!! Absolutely precious. So what's on the agenda next? Just a random questions, for knits, are you using a small zig-zap, or are you using a straight stitch and stretching the fabric? Knit has always been a MAJOR fear of mine, but my sister asked for a dress, and that's what I've been working on, and it's poly knit. And low and behold, it's a BREEZE to sew on. It almost seems easier than wovens...either that or I was delirious at midnight last night...hahah....just trying to get a feel for it, that's all, and I was curious. Have a great day!!!

  2. You probably already said this, and I just can't remember, but is the t-shirt from the ottobre mag also?

    It turned out great--it is well designed and you have the talent to carry it out well. Is this your first FOE? I've read about it a little, and can't wait to touch it, as you know, but haven't used it.

    Sorry for my marathon comment today--ps I know which park you were at!

  3. Thanks, Ladies!!

    Carrie, stay tuned for a post about sewing knits - maybe tomorrow!

    Beth - Yes, it is from the Ottobre magazine. I added the info to the main post, too. It is my first time using FOE, and I will for sure be doing it again. You know how I love bindings...

  4. Darling outfit!!! I love the FOE you used for the binding. One of these days I need to try using it.

  5. That is a really cute shirt design and it looks so sweet on her!

  6. Cute outfit! It looks like it was fun to make! I really need to get my hands on that magazine! I hate to sound like a knit virgin but what is FOE?

  7. Oh, I love this! Super cute T-shirt. Now I want to try this.

  8. That is sooooo adorable! Now I need another granddaughter to make one for! :)