Monday, July 13, 2009

A visit, and what is to come of it.

My mother came for a very short visit on Saturday. I stayed up WAAAY to late talking to her and then all morning before church. We had fun verbally picking apart my last sewing fail and I gave her the pattern to see if she could do better than I. I am confident that she will! She also brought me this.Two wonderful lengths of wool from the Pendleton Mills in Oregon. They are yummy! The pink is a twill weave and the blue a straight one-to-one woven. Both are fairly lightweight, but most definitely winter gear for Texas! There is three yards of the pink (at 60 wide!) and 5-6 of the blue!! So much potential! I'll have to stew a bit before I decide what to make... What would you do with them?

Also, just to mention it, I did open an Etsy shop a few days ago to sell some patterns that I have but don't intend to use for one reason or another. I have been contemplating selling some things that I create, but it is very much in the ephemeral contemplation stages right now.


  1. Is your mom from Oregon? I love PED wool! So NICE. My in laws are from Eugene, and my Dad grew up in Pendleton. The top for the pjs that you asked about is from Simplicity 4767. I try to remember to jot down the pattern numbers, but I am a little scatterbrained. (at least I know it right???)I blame it on five kids in six years. (no I don't have twins.) But I love them! *smile*

  2. My parents are actually here in TX, but they were up there on vacation. I can't wait to work with this fabric - it is sooo lovely! Thanks for looking up that pattern from me! I'll have to pick it up next time Simplicity is on sale.

  3. I would make a sheath dress with the pink one, and a pant suit with the blue one.